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Chinese Astrology: Snake

The Tantalizing Snake

Chinese Astrology: Snake

The Snake is Yang
The Snake Motto is “Ị Feel”

In the 20th Century all Snakes were born between the following dates:

4 February 1905 and 24 February 1904
23 January 1917 and 10 February 1916
10 February 1929 and 29 January 1928
27 January 1941 and 14 February 1940
14 February 1953 and 2 January 1952
21 February 1965 and 20 February 1964
18 February 1977 and 6 January 1976
6 February 1989 and 26 February 1988
24 January 2001 and 11 February 2002

The symbols associated with the Snake, which give them enhanced powers and increase their self-image are:

Your Best Your Favorite
Color is ice blue Food is caviar
Flower is camellia Animal is turtle dove
Fragrance is musk Drink is champagne
Tree is palm Spice is curry
Flavor is bittersweet Metal is platinum
Birthstone is opal Herb is fennel
Lucky number is 3 Musical instrument is violin

Share these symbols with friends and family and surround yourself with them as they will bring you luck, and feelings of security and personal worth.

On the bright side: Snakes can be fun-loving, honorable, sympathetic, wise, intuitive, discreet, sexy, diplomatic and charitable. They are compassionate and can be good listeners, even if they don’t always agree with the other person’s opinion.

On the dark side: Snakes, when coiled and ready to strike, can be conniving, judgmental, pessimistic, fickle, arrogant, clingy, self-righteous and imperious.

The Snake

The charm of the snake is legendary. A snake can charm, if it chooses, most people it comes into contact with. Snakes are usually attractive and graceful and their admirers don’t generally just ogle them, but fall madly in love with them. Know a man suddenly besotted and pining over an elusive woman? He’s probably in pursuit of a sinewy Snake. They are notorious seducers and are the universal symbol of sexuality, seduction and passion.

Snakes can also be a bit narcissistic. They love to pamper themselves, wear, eat and see the finest this life and world have to offer and aren’t made for any kind of hard labor. They prefer to slither their way through warm waters, lay in the sun, appreciate hours of endless silence and have a profound dislike of chaos. They drape themselves in shimmering jewels, their nails are manicured and if it wasn’t for them, Hermes, Cartier and other fine merchants would go out of business!

Seduction and refinery aside, there is a stillness of spirit within all snakes that allow them to “feel” their intuitions, events about to happen, and the emotions of those around them. They spend a great deal of time thinking profound thoughts and can be very philosophical in nature. They are also natural at ‘new age’ teachings and are often knowledgeable about such topics. These reptilian spenders lavish their close friends and family with gifts but can also be stingy as well on boring things such as utility bills and other necessary and dull expenses. They always seem to have enough money though and rarely go bankrupt.

Snakes can also be manipulative, though not always consciously. They have a way of twisting appearances and words to their favor. Some Chinese view Snakes as out and out liars though for them, it’s more “evasion and omission”.

One of the most important thing to a Snake is security and emotional stability. Routine is perfectly suitable to the Snake and they dislike chaos. Snakes have been known to stay in dead-end jobs and lifeless marriages simply for the sake of security.

Snakes will seduce and strive until they don’t have to. At the point of achieving their goals, whether it’s a secure career or a mate who loves them unconditionally, they can lapse into laziness. They need to be challenged on some level or their sunning on a rock might become permanent!

Snake's Health

The general issues that affects the snake’s health can center around the digestive or urinary tract. Snakes should drink an abundant of pure (no bubbles) water with the addition of cranberry juice, especially for women. Their sensitive nature dislikes chaos and if left to it for too long they can become overwrought, depressed, anxious and nervous. Quiet place and calm people make them feel well and balanced. Snakes do not recover quickly so it’s important they maintain their good health, stick to moderation, whether that be sun, alcohol or anything else that might disrupt their sensitive system.

Snakes are frequently cold and this might be from poor circulation. This is also why they enjoy sitting in the sun but with their fragile skin, this should be limited or at least with a hefty amount of sun screen. They love animals and cats in their lap is a favorite due to the warmth, softness and sense of security.

The best tools to keep the Snake well are peace, quiet and calm days. Stay away from chaos, loud noise levels and erratic people that evoke a sense if insecurity. Feel okay staying home when others are out to play and enjoy that leisurely day to yourself.

2008 Snake Overview

This is a good year for health and financial advantages. This is a Rat year and that highly charged element could get on the nerves of the cool, calm, placid Snake. A slight depression may occur peppered with some self-doubt but remember that this is just Rat energy that wants power over you! Stay yourself and remain calm. Remember that you are a pillar of strength because of your calm mind so this year will call upon that more than usual.

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