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Chinese Astrology: Tiger

The Terrible Tiger

Chinese Astrology: Tiger

The Tiger is Yang
The Tiger's Motto is "I Win"

In the 20th Century all Tigers were born between the following dates:

8 February 1902 and 28 January 1903
26 January 1914 and 13 February 1915
13 February 1926 and 1 February 1927
31 January 1938 and 18 February 1939
17 February 1950 and 5 February 1951
5 February 1962 and 24 January 1963
23 January 1974 and 10 February 1975
9 February 1986 and 28 January 1987

The symbols associated with the Tiger, which give them enhanced powers and increase their self-image are:

Your Best Your Favorite
Color is bright red Food is fruit pie
Flower is carnation Animal is Tiger
Fragrance is jasmine Drink is lemonade
Tree is sycamore Spice is cinnamon
Flavor is sweet Metal is gold
Birthstone is ruby Herb is thyme
Lucky number is 7 Musical instrument is trumpet

Share these symbols with friends and family and surround yourself with them as they will bring you luck, and feelings of security and personal worth.

On the bright side: Tigers are warm people, loving, alluring, honorable, altruistic, nice, independent, energetic, idealists and engaging. They are the protectors and noblemen.

On the dark side: Rile up a Tiger and they can be a hotheaded, rash and moody predator that will eat you up. They can be quarrelsome, rebellious, disobedient and erratic in their behavior. And by the way, it doesn't take much to get a Tiger to act out so beware.

The Tiger

Tigers are people to be reckoned with. They are the movers and shakers of this world and are known to be big thinkers with even bigger projects under their paw. Watching their power and finesse, you will believe all is right with the world, or at least theirs. You will be inspired and moved by their charm, and drink them up like a world-class potion of excitement. They are known to be powerful, even of royalty statures, and often feared and respected.

These egomaniacs love attention and will sulk off if they don't get it. They love the spotlight and will fight fiercely for it. These unpredictable and magnetic felines will win you over with kindness followed by a period of neglect for no known apparent reason. These people are afraid of nothing and move at speeds close to the sound barrier. They rarely stay at home, are hard to get a hold of and if you have an insecure nature, leave this kitty for those with water buffalo type skin. And by the way, you not being able to get a hold of the Tiger is your problem not his. Ịn their mind, schedules are meant for feeble mortals and you certainly can't expect them to abide by something so lowly at that. They love the fast lane, new adventures and exploring the world around them.

If you find yourself exasperated by a Tiger, it's best to keep it to yourself, at least if you want to keep them in whatever capacity you currently them as. They hate being scolded and will shy away (or attack) anyone who is outwardly disapproving. They won't hesitate to come after you, claws and fangs bared, if you're too strong in your reprimand.

These people's strong point is that they are excellent strategists. They may not have the brute determination of Ox, or the cleverness of a monkey but their self-assuredness and prowess will dupe many an unsuspecting competitor. They can be fierce and vengeful so be careful!

That being said, Tigers are noble and very much don't like evil. In fact, the Chinese believe that having a Tiger in your house is a sure way to ward off evil spirits. They are even omens of good luck and will ward off other negative events in your life like fires, thieves and unwelcome spirits. They are also known to be very brave but this bravery has backfired on them. They refuse to see a bullet coming, or are so sure they can dodge it, that when it hits them in the face, it's all over. This recklessness can also pair with excess. Their addiction can be excitement and the thrill of the chase, which can lead them down a very dark alley indeed.

Tigers bore easily and will avoid routine and sameness at all cost. They also refuse to learn a lesson the easy way and must fall down many times before it sinks in. It wouldn't be odd to find out that a drifter or vagabond was a Tiger; too restless to seek a home. They must be careful with their bad decisions; rash behavior and constant urgency or they will find themselves sinking ever downward.

Tiger Health

Imagine a tightly strung violin about to snap and you have a pretty good picture of a Tiger. They are always wound up, late, tense and react due to this mountain of energy that is about to blow like a nuclear reactor low on cold water.

Maintenance of their health requires routine and you can almost hear them say in response to this, "Bosh!" Their ego insists that they will be fine and what do doctors' know anyway? They will be the last to admit they see bags under their eyes or that their tail is dragging. He figures a quick fix of a catnap and some vitamins will do the trick. But this frenzied living can lead to depression or even a total collapse.

Just because a Tiger is quick and efficient this doesn't mean he's disciplined! After about 40 years of age, the problems start to become evident and it's not unusual to see them rushing to the dentist, panicked over a tooth that's about to fall out or some mysterious lump that's just appeared.

For a Tiger to be healthy, they should learn to slow down, try and comprehend moderation, make time for themselves and take notes from their adorable cousin, the house-cat, and sleep more!

2008 Tiger Overview

This year's report isn't overly glowing for the Tiger (a Rat year). Rats love to store and stash and this is utterly against the nature of the Tiger (he'd rather eat the rat than follow its advise!) They are far too egotistic to imagine that hardship is really something they could one-day face and therefore, why save? Because of this attitude, this is a year for the Tiger to lay low. It's not a power Tiger year so don't spend frivolously. Hide in the bushes and bide your time until the tide turns in your favor.

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