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Psi Wheel Tutorial

This is an exercise for strengthening your non-physical will (aka Telekinesis or PsychoKinesis). You will need the following items: a spool of thread, a needle, a 2" x 2" piece of aluminum foil, and a glass jar.

Next, decide if you want to do the beginner's test or the advanced. You will only need the glass for the advanced exercise.

Psi Wheel for Beginners:

Psi Wheel Set the spool of thread on a flat surface. Ịnsert the tip of the needle into the top of the spool of thread. Now bend the aluminum foil in half each way to create a center crease. Place the foil on top of the needle sticking out of the spool of thread.

Put both of your hands near the object that you've just assembled (as if to 'cup' the object). Using what you feel to be your "will," try and move the foil on the tip of the needle. Some people can do it the first time; for some, it takes awhile to get it moving.

Psi Wheel for Advanced Practionners:

Perform the above actions but this time put the glass jar over the object as to rule out any form of air that might be passing by and potentially causing the movement of the foil. When you're really good, stop the spinning under the glass and rotate the direction.

While it is the universal life energy around you that eventually moves the foil, it is your willpower that is directing that energy. Working through the physical process of trying to move something without your physical body will give you an idea of what willpower really is and how it feels to manipulate it.

There are alternative materials that you can use also, such as a piece of paper, a needle and a piece of cork. The concept is the same: a light material folded diagonally to make a pyramid shape (to make a star, fold it in half afterward), balanced on the tip of a pointed object to decrease friction and the force required to make it move to a minimum.

If you cannot do it, don't give up. Keep it in your office or near your bed, and just concentrate on it when you have time. Eventually, it will move.

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