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People aren't the only ones that are psychic! In fact, I think more animals are psychic (or at least utilize that capacity) than the average human being by far! There have been countless documented and fantastic stories of psychic animals. There seem to be various capacities that their psychic ability fall into, as follows:

Animals seem to sense danger. It was said that before the devastating Indonesian tsunami of 2004, ALL the animals near sea level, prior to the tsunami, ran to higher ground. Even elephants carrying tourists, with the shocked visitors clinging to their back, ran off to higher ground. How did they know it was coming? What did they 'sense'? And how did they know to go to higher ground, and not just flee randomly?

It has been observed countless times, a dog or a cat will sense when their owner is coming home, and not just at expected times. They can literally sense when their owner is on their way and will start to get excited by their impending arrival.

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Movies have been made and books have been written about the miraculous adventures of animals that are separated from their owners and make long journeys, sometimes thousands of miles, to return home. And sometimes not even a familiar home, but a new home that the owner did not previously occupy. This is an incredible display of an animal's sixth sense!

Psychic Animals The public is catching on as there are now popular TV series featuring pet psychics who talk to pets to figure out their inner thoughts and feelings. Sonya Fitzpatrick, Craig Hamilton-Parker and Barbara Morrison are several that have fascinating successes with people's pets.

The few times Ị've had personal success communicating telepathically with animals, it was done with imagery. They may know a few of our words, but a mental picture speaks a thousand human words! They do the same in return but we're not as open to it. If I want to communicate, I'll send them either a strong emotion or images. One time, I came across a parrot in a shop and started to send it the feeling of deep love. It suddenly screeched, bobbed up and down and flapped its wings. The owner just exclaimed, "Wow, he really likes you!" I had not even said a word yet this parrot reacted very strongly, and in parrot terms, very happily, to my emotions.

If you have pets and want to communicate with them telepathically, try testing the ability at first. When your cat or dog is sleeping, send them mental pictures about going for a walk or if it's a cat, maybe feeding the cat its favorite feline dish. Watch the reaction of their sleeping body. Or if they are awake, you can probably do that too and see how excited they get.

An animal needs to be psychic to survive and since we are at the top of the food chain it's far less a needed skill so it has gone dormant. Though not all animals are of course 100% psychic all the time or the hunters would have a very difficult time surviving themselves.

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