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What Do Dreams Mean?

Dream interpretation is very difficult because you're dealing with your higher-self, which has a thousand ways of communicating to you. Dreams can be symbolic, literal, a lesson, a premonition, a disguised astral experience (or not disguised if you know what you’re doing) or processing of the day's events. So for one person to postulate what your higher-self is doing with you is a hypothesis at best.

Precognitive dreams are often feared because they are not understood or the person doesn’t know what to do with the information. Some dreams you can act on and some you can’t. The ones that are more difficult to act on are the ones that involve world events or strangers, like a missing persons case. Unless you’ve got documented proof (preferably on-line like a blog) that you’re dreams are accurate on the regular, you won’t be listened to. Dreams that come true are often based on strong emotions. In other words, horrific world events, a break-up, a car accident, someone cheating on you, something that makes the news headlines, etc. We also have the most mundane dreams that also come true as well. But it’s the emotionally charged ones that usually have the ability to break through the subconscious veil. As for the ones you can control, those are ones that directly involve you, such as something you might be doing the next day. If you dream you’re going to get attacked walking home in an alley, avoid the alley!

What Do Dreams Mean? We can also cultivate our dreams and become lucid. There are books and webpages on this, but in summary, the trick is to learn how to realize you’re dreaming. There is a lot that can be done from this state such as turning it into an out-of-body experience or asking your higher-self questions while you’re in an altered state of consciousness.

And the best advice I can give for anyone interested in dreams is, for goodness sake, write your dreams down! There is probably a gold mine of information that you're forgetting because you're not keeping a journal. I can't recommend this enough. If you're technically savvy at all, write them down in Word on the computer so you can later search them. I'm in the technology field (I'm a database administrator) so I enter them into a database which I can later query. I am continually amazed by my dreams that I've long forgotten that reveal patterns, premonitions and some other very serious bits of data about my life.

Lastly, and I hate to throw a wrench in things, and you may not believe it, but it is my belief that we live in more than one dimension. So sometimes what you dream here, it might be a reality based in a parallel dimension. I have dreamt and entered these other realities and have actually totally forgotten who I was here. I’ve even bounced between the two and have felt the shift of my consciousness and memories from one dimension to another. Science is catching up with this theory. Just look up research on String-M Theory.

Go with your gut feeling on what you think your dreams mean. This is your dream from your higher self. Trust it.

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