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Online Tarot Reading

Description of the tarot reading tool

Tarot cards are a highly symbolic deck of cards consisting of 22 Major Arcana cards, and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Arcana means secrets or mysteries, which is why the ability to decipher the symbols is half the gift of the translator. There are also Minor Arcana suits which consist of 4 court cards including the king, queen, knight and page in addition to 10 numbered cards. The card reader usually places them upside down and asks the person receiving the reading to pick cards for a "spread", which is a pre-selected pattern of how the cards will be laid out. A spread can be a quick yes or no pattern, a three ace spread, a Celtic spread or any number of other popular ones. After they are laid out the questioner turns over the appropriate number of cards for the spread and then the diviner, or card reader, deciphers them to expose the very mysteries the cards represent. Whether you believe in them or not, they have been, and still remain, a source of fun and fascination for people all over the world and of varying cultures. To learn more about the cards, read our Tarot Cards Meaning article.

Instructions for the tarot reading tool

The following uses a shuffled deck of hidden tarot cards. To do a tarot reading, for yourself or for someone else, you will have to pick 3 cards. The first one represents the person's past, the second one represents the person's present and the third one represents its future. The explanation of the results is generated after each pick in the text boxes below. If you want to do an additional reading, click on the button "NEW SESSION" and the deck will be randomly shuffled again. Note: you obviously can't pick the same card twice.

Tarot Card 1
Tarot Card 2
Tarot Card 3
Tarot Card 4
Tarot Card 5
Tarot Card 6
Tarot Card 7
Tarot Card 8
Tarot Card 9
Tarot Card 10
Tarot Card 11
Tarot Card 12
Tarot Card 13
Tarot Card 14
Tarot Card 15
Tarot Card 16
Tarot Card 17
Tarot Card 18
Tarot Card 19
Tarot Card 20
Tarot Card 21
Tarot Card 22


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