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Zener Cards

Description of the psychic test

Zener Cards were used by the famous parapsychologist J.B. Rhine in his studies of ESP and have now become the standard for such extra sensorial tests. There are some variations of the Zener cards test, some are using a closed deck of cards (5 groups of each 5 cards) or an open deck (each cards are randomly selected from a deck shuffled at each turns). The following test is an open deck, since a card is randomly generated from a shuffled deck every time. The card is also chosen before you have to guess. There are some feedback messages at the bottom while you do the test, you can decide to ignore them or read them during the test. Some people may perform better if they are not distracted by it. A real test requires at least 25 picks to be statistically significant and a score of 10 correct guesses or more out of 25 is required to prove some degree of psychic abilities. Statistical laws dictate that there's 1 chance in 5 of getting the card by pure chance (overall score of 5/25), along with a certain degree of variability (between 0/25 and 10/25). Scores over 10 would therefore be significant. For a thorough evaluation, one should take the test many times (10 or more) for truly conclusive results.

Instructions for the psychic test

To begin the test, press the START button. After pressing the button, click on the card that you think is represented by the unknown card on top. Repeat for 25 turns, when it is over, a message will pop to alert you. You can then look at your statistics at the bottom for your session. It will inform you of your score, and will analyse if that score represent psychic abilities. If you decide to try a few more times, press the START button again, and the average result for all your sessions will be recorded and a log of your results will be generated.

Unknown Card
Card Circle
Card Cross
Card Waves
Card Square
Card Star
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