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The Key Hole Of The Frontdoor


Ever since my older brother came back to stay with me and my mom. There has been this crazy thing happening every time he comes home and only whens he's not around the front door. The second he's in his room, the front door keys begin to shake, as if their something trying to get in. Its makes the sound like it pushing a key from the other side of the door, trying to force a key into the key hole also there a little like a clawing on the door too. The weird thing is it only happens when he gets home and when the key is in the door and only the front door. It never happens when he's not home only when he's at home somewhere away from the door. Also at night time when every one supposed to be sleep you can hear in his room that it sounds like someone jumping around having a party in his room, but when you go in their he's knocked out. Sometimes my mom even says she hear nosies at night like people stomping, but when she goes upstairs everyone sleep, including me. He thinks we're all crazy and its just our mind playing tricks on us. Please help, my mom is going crazy over it and believes it's some kind of evil spirit trying come in and cause harm. Can you please tell me if it's harmful or not and what sould I do to avoid it and how to stop it from continuing. My family our very religious Christians could you think it could be demons trying to come in or angles letting us know their protecting us. We already prayed and annointed the house with olive oil and the activity has died down a little but now it seems to be coming back.

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WiccaGirl98 (2 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-06)
What you need to do is ask your brother if he has messed around with any Ouija boards. That could mean that a spirit could've attached itself to him, and he could have brought it with him into your home. I would also like to warn you to never use a Ouija board. They are incredibly dangerous. Also find out if anyone particularly close to him died, or if someone who didn't like him too much died recently, or even from a long time ago. But my guess it would have something to do with a Ouija board. Even if he himself didn't do anything with one, if he was in the same room as people using one, that could mean something too.
I hope this helped.
Brightest Blessings,
PsyBlade11 (2 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-30)
Hello there mate, I'm going to try to assist you on this. Okay, what I want you to tell me is if you have sensed my presences inside of your home, at any point, daytime, or nighttime. That is what needs to come first, the information can help begin to describe what may be inside of your home. If you can sense a presence, or even multiple presences, then we are getting somewhere. I would also like to know if you have seen, or noticed any paranormal-like activity in your home as well besides the front door and the stomping sounds, especially in your brother's room, directly, such as things out of place, or excess noises in other places, or even voices for that matter. If all of that were the case, I'd say you have a bad spirit on your hands. Or spirits even.

I don't believe what is going on is the work of angels, from my knowledge, I've never heard of angels trying to barge into a home, or make disturbing noises inside of a room that would nearly give another a heart attack, but so the other wouldn't even notice. Something is hovering around your brother, I say, ask your brother a few questions about anything he may have done in the past, like if he himself has ever sensed any sour, negative energy, prior to staying with you and your mother again, or even while he has been out and about himself if need be. Tell me your beliefs on my ideas if you like, because this doesn't sound good. Though, don't be afraid, you have God and his angels on your side, if it is a bad spirit, it can't harm you if you are confident that it can't. ❤

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