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I am using a translator. Excuse if there is bad translation. I handle very slightly English.

I am 27 years old, live in good airs, Argentine.

Four years ago, I listen to voices. I have dreams connection reflections of other persons, spiritual dreams. I saw spirits, I have felt spirits, also I sit human presences.

Experiences with kinesis, with my dog also.

Kinesis with fire, rarely it answers to what I want. With the wind also. I have not time him, almost at all.

Partly I feel that I am like a center of absorption.

Invaded by exhibition.

Dreams of things stopped by minds, to the awakening I see them.

Pass for a condition of joint lethargy with connection with persons.

Experiences with spirits always of chance.

In the street, in house, in internee ceiling house.

And always of different forms.

The first one in the street, walking along the path, coming to the hall of a house, step for to the side mio as in slow chamber.

The second pense that was a friend of my mother, going out of my piece, seeing her with the reflection.

A shade in the tiles of house.

A spirit sitting down on the bed of a girl.

At the age of 10 or 11. They bathed me with honey and milk. They gave me a guide. That tape-worm that me to extract before entering to the bath, on having gone out to put on it again.

Experiences like the night the day can be clear or dark, the same, animals. Atmosphere. Feeling the very dark darkness.

For the side of delirium.

I had crisis of mystical delirium.

They diagnosed theirs schizophrenia.

Creia that salia in the TV, that the voices persons that me veian in the tv. With certain technology in the head.


Still I follow a plan of medication.

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