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I think I need advice as I don't really understand what is happening to me, if anything at all.

Lastnight I had a very vivid dream, where at the beginning I thought I was was going back in time to warn a younger me of about 6/7. It turned out I had gone further than. It started with me and my Grandma, and we had traveled back in time to visit (and maybe warn) a younger me at the age of around 5/6. A distinct conversation I remember having with my grandma, before we reached past me, was about her past. Where I came to the conclusion that the past her, would be expecting us because we always were going to go back to that point. Anyway we arrived (on foot) at our destination, but it was a war memorial. And I had somehow travelled back in time and fallen in love with one of the soldiers. I can remember his face as clear as anything. He was a red-head, extremely tall, green eyes, freckles on his face, beaming smile. Anyway the war had just finished and all around us german men were jumping out of their planes and committing suicide. I couldn't understand the sheer amount of unnecessary death and began crying. Next thing I know I have gone to the future, where I am around 50/ 50 years old. And I am in the same place but its the memorial to the war. I looked around trying to hunt down the boy I had fallen in love with in the past. And he was there and it was all very romantic. Nearing the end of the night though it dawned on me that very soon we would both be going back to our own times. And that our love, although real could never work. That we belonged to different times. He agreed, we kissed. Then I woke up.

Now the strange thing about this dream is how clearly I remember it, and how although it was me in this dream, it wasn't me, all of the faces were unfamiliar. Yet I could describe each one with immense detail. I feel like someone or something was trying to contact me.

I have had previous experiences. Where I knew my Grampy was dead before I knew he was dead. And when him and my mother died, they both came to me in dreams, vivid dreams where I knew it was actually them.

I have felt my dead nanny sit on the end of my bed when I was sleeping. When me and my brother were younger we saw what we though was a ghost.

I know I have a strong natural intuition, which I have been trying to develop, just by simple methods such as meditation ect.

This morning after I woke up I went into the garden and there was one lone flower growing out of the weeds, extremely tall. And I found this equally ad weird because I only cut the grass yesterday.

I feel like something is happening and I can't quite explain it. And I would really appreciate it if someone could help me, or if I am reading to much into things.

Kind regards.

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Hred (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-04)
Yeh I remember when my Mum and Grampy died there were one occasions for each where I dreamt about them and it was so surreal I knew it was actually them or there souls. I have dreamt about them numerous times since there deaths but those 2 separate occasions I knew it was something more. I wish I could understand this more. I feel like I have potential that is yet to be trained.
op2misstic (7 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-03)
I've had similar experiences and I don't think those were just dreams you had. As crazy as this might sound... We astral travel during our sleep! I didn't believe this theory until I attended a workshop with James Van Praagh. I've taken many classes to learn about my personal paranormal experiences, talked with many pychics & mediums and they ALL say we DO astral travel. When you see a loved one in a dream, you are actually having a visit with them! The majority of people are not aware of it & never remember being in this higher state of conciousness. You just are probably very intuitive!❤

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