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Medium, Caffiene Cray, Or Just Plain Cray?


After what I experienced today, I felt the need to google "What it feels like to be a medium," which lead me to this site.

I often feel vibes from other people and can interrupt the basic feeling behind them, but today what I felt was so entirely different.

I started work at 9 am. Around 11 I started feeling this dizzy sensation but at the same time I didn't feel dizzy. Everything just seemed really trippy, but I brushed it off as maybe my hormone levels adjusting because I quit my birth control as of December 1st. (I took it since March of 2013.)

I also had a large cup of coffee and some tea all within 8:30-noon. I'm a little caffeine sensitive, but I don't know if that's what is contributing to what I felt.

So around noon I started feeling sick. There was pain coming from my chest but I didn't feel like it was... My own pain? It's hard to explain I guess, but I felt like something else was causing it. I just felt so weird for a few hours and kept feeling like something was trying to communicate with me. It was so strange.

So I decided to go on my lunch and I just felt worse and worse. I asked my conscious/that voice-in-your-head-that-gives-you-good-advice (anyone know what I'm talking about!? I guess that is a whole other subject I don't understand either lol.) And I was asking, "Who is this!? Why can't I figure this out?"

And it told me maybe I was asking the wrong question, and maybe I need to ask, "What am I feeling exactly?"

It was freezing in the workroom but I was also so cold inside. I felt sick to my stomach and pain in my chest.

Then that voice said it felt like there was a connection to a mother, which scrambled my brain. Not 5 minutes after that mother thought crossed my mind, the truck driver for our store came inside. I felt this insane sense and said, "Fudge me!" It was just such an overwhelming feeling... I was shaking and I wasn't sure if it was from the cold or the feeling.

I don't know if I'm crazy, but I feel like maybe his mother was in contact with me?

I know the only way to know for sure would be to ask the guy, but I'm so uncertain of what even happened! I tried to bring up Christmas to him, and was going to try to casually add, "Spending it with mom and dad?" Which yah, sounds weird, but at least it might be able to get me an answer. I wasn't able to though.

I told my boss I wasn't feeling right and he understands things about vibes but he blamed himself because he was feeling negative today and said I was vibe sensitive but I didn't think it was him. I ended up telling him at the end of the day about the truck driver and he said I have to figure out what I'm feeling.

Right now I'm feeling really confused.

I never experienced something like this and I feel like I don't even know how to communicate with something, if there was something trying to communicate with me...

After the truck driver left I felt so sad, but also okay because I realized, 'next time he comes around I can try again. And I felt like his mom wasn't mad at me because she understood how I don't understand.'

And the weirdest thing of all was once he left I didn't feel sick at all anymore. My stomach ache was gone and the pain in my chest left. I didn't eat my lunch (ramen) on my break because I felt so sick but an hour later I ate it done fine.

I did put on a jacket after lunch.

Maybe I was just cold?

Maybe it was just the caffeine?

Maybe it was my boss's vibes? (I highly doubt this one though)

Maybe it was something else entirely and I'm making myself believe this scenario?

There are so many variables...

What do you guys think? I could use any help available!

Should I just take a chance and ask him about his mom?

I think one of the biggest things stopping me was, 'how is this going to help him anyway!?'

The only other thing I heard from her was like she loved him and something about shapes...

I was almost crying I felt this feeling so strongly and I have no idea what happened.

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KaalaLilee (5 stories) (42 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-01)
Hmm, I'm no where near a professional level, but it does sound very probable that his mother was trying to contact him through you. I'm not really sure what to do in regards to actually contacting the man, but the best I can figure is ask what his mom wants to tell him, then just relay the message. You don't even have to say that it was from his mom, you can just say someone has an important message for him.
I'm sorry if this wasn't very helpful, but I hope that it may have helped at least a little bit! 😁

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