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My Untold Story


I remember at the age of 4-5yrs I used to complain to my sister about

The silhouette I could see at night, over next to the net my teddies were stored in. Every night I would fall asleep staring at the corner of the room scared, some nights I felt nothing, and others made me feel like a presence was with us, sometimes even giving me goose bumps, eventually this seemed to go away, or at least fade.

As a young girl I was sick, my mother used to say "You died 3 times and you're still here so you must be here for a good reason." These words made a huge impact on my life.

As a catholic, I would often wonder if I was here to help God on Earth, maybe my good reason to be here was to help the hungry, the poor, fight for people, I really wasn't sure but I knew I wanted to make it count.

At the age of 9 I was finally well enough to be medication free, I was so excited, until unfortunately I found out my Nanna was dying, the same year. I remember being very sad, sobbing, I couldn't understand why she had to go but I could stay. After her passing I begged and prayed to just see my Nanna for one more time, then I begged to just hear her voice for one time, just a sign she was happy in heaven, and this is when I remember things starting again.

At first I thought I saw a silhouette in my room at a distance, but it was gone sooner than I could blink. Again, I thought I saw a silhouette which seemed to stay long enough to blink this time, it rattled me a little but I went off to sleep. This continued with sights lasting longer and I began to wonder if it was my Nanna, maybe she heard my calls and came to me, but I felt scared so I said, I do not want trouble, but if you're my Nanna please say something because I miss you. Nothing! This continued for about a week and with no response I began to feel scared and question... What if it isn't my Nanna at all? It felt like this silhouette was becoming more relaxed with me which scared me more.

Then things changed, I felt 2 different presence in the room one night, the silhouette, and one which I couldn't see but I could feel. The silhouette scared me but oddly the one I couldn't see felt calming, almost comfortable.

Since this occasion, I have felt this calming presence come in and out of my life but particularly in my life in times of struggle. Not interfering in the course of my life or the tough lessons I have had to learn but simply there, preventing me from feeling alone. The silhouette seems to be the same silhouette but it too had come and gone in my life, and with it comes a feeling of fear every time.

I felt a presence in my bathroom once while taking a bath, I felt vulnerable so I said, please give me privacy and leave this room, you are not welcome in here, instantly I felt it leave. I have handled many experiences this way, almost instinctively over the years including when I was scared. Seeing silhouettes doesn't seem abnormal to me but the fear always get's the better of me and I find myself almost begging for protection sometimes. Although in saying that, I have felt that if it was bad surely it would have done something bad to me by now... Though this thought still doesn't impact enough for me to want to let my guard down.

The latest scenario is that apparently the previous owners of my partners parents house had a son who died. This scares me to know this as I have felt shivers, seen a silhouette out the corner of my eye in the hallway in front of the bathroom door on multiple occasions, and have felt a presence even without awareness of a silhouette. Knowing I am feeling the same scared feeling I have had with my other silhouette over the years worries me immensely. Then last night... After this going on over the course of 7yrs, I turned off lights and headed to my room to sleep and as I got to the bathroom door with my dim phone lighting my way I could swear I looked up and straight into the face of what looked like a clear jelly type silhouette in front of the bathroom door about a few inches taller than me, slim, what looked like short hair, possibly a guy but can't be sure. I was so scared and partly couldn't believe my eyes I froze and it suddenly disappeared. Then I walked stiffly to my room locked the door and breathed out heavily with a sigh of relief that I made it safely to the room. I then said, this is my safe room, my privacy, you are not welcome in here. I finally fell asleep. What should I make of this and does any of this make me psychic?

I should add, I have had plenty of situations where I swear things had already happened, like dai ja vu rarely, I'd even quote the outcome seconds before it happens, but this doesn't seem to be a strong ability of mine, these days I barely remember my dreams but I know my falling into pitch blackness dreams used to scare me awake, so maybe this is why.

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