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A few things started when I was young, in the third grade is the first I can remember. I was in lunch, and had felt like someone was going to take my cookie off of my tray. I turned around to talk to someone and turned back around to find that someone had taken it off my tray. I looked around, no one looked suspicious at all, but I KNEW who took it. I told the girl I knew she had it and she gave it back. Ever since, every once in a while, I have had things like these happen. Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don't. Like yesterday, I knew everything that the people I was in the car with were going to say, what I was supposed to say back, and I got a bad feeling. I felt like some person was going to cause drama at the place we were, but nothing happened.

Also, I used to have these "dreams" after I was half asleep, but I would wake up when it started, that I was being forced down into my bed. I couldn't breathe, speak, or scream. I couldn't make any noise whatsoever, or move. It was like someone was pushing me down, but I could see and there was nothing there, at any time. It honestly scared the life out of me. But it happened so much that I got used to it. It happened from the time I was about 10-15. The last one that I remember, I was lying in bed, and I saw my tv spark. This one was more of a dream. It was storming out, so I "walked" to the living room, opened the wooden door, and put my hand on the knob of the glass door, when all of a sudden, I felt as if I were on roller skates, being shoved backwards until I was thrown into my bed. Then, it felt like there were vines wrapping around my whole body, pushing me so far down into my bed that it could have broken. Then I "woke" up.

I would have those every month or so. I stopped having them or tuned them out before I went to the doctor. I'm not sure. It was like when you wake up when you feel like you were falling in your dreams or when you're half asleep, y'know? I told my therapist and was prescribed antidepressants and medicine for acid reflux or whatever it's called. I was on the antidepressants for about 3 months, but I decided to stop taking them because my boyfriend at the time said I acted differently and he didn't think they were good for me. So I guess what I'm trying to ask, or say, is do I have psychic abilities and what the hell was going on with those "dreams"? Any one who could help me out, or tell me how to further my abilities if I am psychic or whatever is appreciated greatly.

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