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The very idea that I am psychic has never really occurred to me apart from the odd occasion when I think I have been somewhere before or had the same conversation / situation. Anyway I will make this short as just wanted feedback on if this is anything or just a odd co incidence. As I said the thought that I am psychic has certainly never crossed my mind but what happened to me yesterday I just feel is very odd indeed and was hoping someone out there could perhaps comment on what this was or is

Yesterday morning while driving home my mind suddenly started thinking about David Bowie. Now when I was younger (I am 47 male) I used to be a fan been a couple of times to see him in the 80's and played his music. However don't now or ever think about him now. I certainly very rarely play his music and there was no reason for him to suddenly op up into my thought process

Anyway I suddenly had this image of David Bowie come into my mind, the image was of him having his breakfast in bed being brought orange juice I think by his wife, he had headphones on, he was in a chalet type house with views of mountains. All a bit odd the image was in my mind for maybe 5-10 minutes then went and obviously did not think anymore about it until today! The image also saw him get up and go in a sort of studio type thing.

I then get into work today and hear that he had died, I was intrigued and then I hear he died yesterday on Sunday the day these images came into my head

Any thoughts from anyone?


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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-20)
a gift I see. You must have some kind of connection with him. Like on the spirit side.
Teri (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-18)
Wow! Well, I am psychic and know I am. I work as a psychic. About 10 months before Bowie died I got a claircognizant flash that he was very ill, specifically that he had cancer. So I went online searching for evidence, thinking I'd missed something...nothing.
Then I dreamed several times he died, shocked and woken from my sleep. At Christmas I announced to my family that in 2016 Bowie would die. It was a shock anyway (I'm a huge fan). When he did pass, I went into mourning and one day, while in a kind of trance, feeling sad, I felt an energy I didn't recognise. It was light, fun, warm, a bit mercurial. I asked who it was and it was David. He told me he was happy to have done something good for the world and that he was aware that people liked his music but he hadn't realised how much people loved HIM. It was funny, because I thought he was a darker personality, more Thin White Duke than anything, but since then I've read about his sense of humour and lightheartedness... A few days later I asked David to appear in a visitation dream to me to let me know he was still 'alive'. He did that night, in Ziggy regalia but with very yellow hair.
Sedgewick (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-23)
This is so interesting. I had an experience also relating to Bowie's death. It was the day before. To give some background - I am definitely a fan of David Bowie, although I really like his old music. I had no idea he was ill and would have assumed he'd be around for quite some time.

Anyway, on Saturday, I was walking home from the shops and I suddenly came to thinking how awful it would be if Bowie was to die. Since I had not heard that he was ill, this was an odd thought, and I remember thinking to myself - that's an odd thing to be thinking. But while my brain was rationally thinking that, I was nevertheless overcome. I had to hold back tears and actually heard myself exclaiming: "Don't leave us Bowie!" with quite some urgency.

It was a very emotional moment. All over in a minute. I carried on walking home and didn't give it another thought as my logical brain dismissed it as irrational and silly.

On Monday morning I was sitting in a taxi and heard the news on the radio. Very odd. Twice in my life I've had premonitions, but never about death. The odd thing is, for a couple of days after he died, I had the eerie sense that he was hanging around. It wasn't scary, but there was this presence and I was worried for him because he seemed afraid to leave - not me, but life. Now he seems much, much further away and perhaps he's gone.
dandk (1 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-18)
I wonder if it was because unconsciously you had registered his images from the news recently. I know that I had seen stories and photos of him in the news a week or so before his death. When I heard he had died, I was surprised because all seemed fine based on the recent news stories.
smw (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-16)
I had a dream about the fashion designer Antonio Versace just before he died. Mind you, I have very little interest in fashion. I didn't even know how to pronounce his name correctly. However, the correct pronunciation was used in the dream. When I heard about his death I thought 'oh, that's the same name I heard in my dream just recently'. I've had quite a few supernatural experiences in my life including some precognitive dreams.

When someone of Bowie's enormous influence and stature dies, I imagine it must have a huge impact psychically across the world. And perhaps you were picking up on some of that if you are sensitive.

There is also the possibility that we may hear something about someone famous, and soon forget it but it stays in our subconscious mind. David Bowie had some publicity before he died because he was releasing new material. You may have seen a report about it somewhere and not taken that much notice but stored it in deep memory. I do however definitely believe that dreams can be true precognition.

Interestingly, I read today that David Bowie claimed a psychic had told him long ago that he would die at age 69 or 70 and he seemed convinced of it. Hopefully, this is not the case of a self fulfilling prophecy. Like if you believe in something hard enough you might unconsciously set up the energy conditions for it and draw it to yourself. That does seem to happen to some people. In Australia the native people have the concept of the 'Kurdaitcha man'. They believe if you are cursed by one of these witch doctor type figures you will die. Very often, it's supposed to actually transpire. But there is debate whether this is due to a real magic, or the power of self suggestion.

Eerily, Bowie had two close friends who both seemed to predict their own early deaths and experienced weird cases of synchronicity in their lives. Marc Bolan and John Lennon. I think a lot of very talented and creative people have strong auras and more psychic sensitivity than average.
amy1965 (1 stories) (9 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-14)
weird-has anything like this happened to you before, I have had similar experiences. Years back I saw the newspapers and news report that Vincent Price had died-like you I hadn't thought about him in years-but was a great fan. I called my brother (huge horror story buff) to tell him that he had died. His response? "no he didn't kiddo, I would've heard about it" I told him I read about it and saw it on tv-i didn't understand. I checked around-no news. I thought I must be crazy. 2 or 3 days later, all over the news that he had just died overnight-at least 2 days after I had that vision-a vision so real I thought it had really happened. Then years later I had a dream that Shirley Temple died-again,just like Vincent Price, I hadn't thought about her in years and there wasn't any current news about her being sick or anything. When I woke up in the morning it was all over the news that she had died overnight. So one vision and one dream and I am no closer to understanding this. What good is this gift if I can't do it at will? Randomly knowing doesn't help anyone-i mean could I have even warned either of them on such short notice? How do you quickly find out how to contact someone famous? If I could, wouldn't I just look like a stalker? Can I stop death-no...i want to be able to control this so maybe I could help someone-idk.I have had different experiences-all of which I can't seem to control or predict (see my post-"naming my experiences") I hope you find answers, my friend.

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