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Am I A Medium Or What?


It all started when I was about ten. I started noticing an odd feeling like someone was staring at me whenever I was in a place like a hospital or a cemetery. For a while, I just ignored the feeling until I came across an article online and thought that I might be clairsentient. For two months, I took online quizzes and read articles online and I was convinced I was clairsentient. But then I started sensing how people were feeling and it didn't take long until I felt how they were feeling. I then thought I was an empath and did quite a bit of research on that. Three months later though, I found myself being able to feel my parents' pain, like my dad's back pain and my mom's wrist pain. I was curious if I could take other people's pain away, I have yet to try but I would like to know. I once took an online quiz that said I might be a psychic healer. I also noticed that I have dreams that come true quite a bit. There have also been a few times where a band's name or lyrics to a song have been stuck in my head, only to get into a vehicle and find that song playing.

Are there any good websites to find out what I am? Like if I'm a medium, an empath, a clairsentient, or a healer? I want to know if I can use these abilities to help people, like healing someone who's sick or letting a family member say goodbye to a loved one. I also want to know what's possible, like can people actually be possessed? Why does technology seem to get problems when I get mad? Why do things misfunction when I'm angry?

I'm just really confused and I would like some answers.

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shitzu123 (17 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-10)
It's good that you would like to use that knowledge to help people, but does it really mayter what label it goes under?

To heal somebody you could manipulate your energy in a way where it could clear that spot, but you would need to get good at manipulating your energy with a specific intent.

I would start off with meditation, but also viualise your energy and move it around your body, just practise and you should notice a change after a while.

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