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Am I Psychic Or?


I'm Shay and I am currently 13. For a few years I have been having these meaningless dreams. They end up coming true weeks later. For example. I had this dream a few months ago where I was holding up a beige color purse. With a long strap. An I was with my Grandfather at the store saying "I really like this Babaw!" (I call him Babaw) and then the dream ends. Tho I end up forgetting about it and a few days ago I was in the exact same Isle at the exact same store holding the exact same purse with my Grandfather. Saying "I really like this Babaw!" and I suddenly freaked out cause even when I saw the purse on the rack I didn't remember the dream but, when I was holding it and saying those words I did! In the past things like this have happened like one Christmas I was sitting in a chair with a brand new bulb and then remembered having a dream sitting in that exact same chair holding that exact same bulb... Can someone please help? I'm scared... My parents don't believe me they think I'm crazy. I'm starting to think I am too.

Am I Psychic? Or am I just crazy? Have any of you experienced this? My Mother used to have Visions when she was a child. Now everyone thinks she has Schizophrenia. I don't want to be like my Mother. Please someone help. I don't know what I should do about this. Is it just bad mojo? My Mother would see things in her dreams like once she had a vision of my Grandma dying in a plane crash. Then told her not to go on the plane and guess what? That plane my Grandma was supposed to be on crashed! Help please.

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-28)
Hi Shayx,
I'd say yes, you are psychic. I think what you are experiencing is called precognition, that is knowing something ahead of time. I'd suggest a meditation study program to help you learn about controlling your gift. The folks at Silva Mind Control in Laredo, TX are very helpful.

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