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Pauline's Death


I am very uncomfortable about my recent experience, that for the first time, I feel the need to seek out information regarding this topic. I am not sure why these things keep happening to me. I have taken several of the psychic tests online, which some show some abilities, while others show absolutely none. Nevertheless, the following is my recent story.

The other night I had a dream about my grandmother named Paulina, who died in 1974. I was very close to my grandmother and had dreamt of her continuously while growing up, however I had stopped dreaming about her for several years. The dream was about several of us cousins in a room with her combing her hair and I had to leave the room. I was upset because I knew if I left the room, my cousins would finish combing her hair and I would miss out. That was all for that dream. I was surprised because I had not dreamt about her in so long and I did not know why she came to mind.

Two nights later, I had fallen asleep on the sofa while watching television. I had a dream of this feeling of being shot, it felt as if a bolt of lightning had hit me and it caused me to jerk and yell which of course woke me up. My roommate who was sitting in the chair saw this and asked what was wrong, I told her it was a "bad dream" and "I needed to go to bed", so I went upstairs to bed.

That night I had a difficult time sleeping and continued to wake up to look at the time. I usually wake up at 4:30 a.m. But I was not expected to go into work until later that morning so I did not need to get up until 6 a.m. The last time falling asleep before waking up, I had a dream about my Aunt Celia (the daughter of my grandmother), who had died in 2004. The dream was that I was at my current place of employment, which is a Cancer Hospital and I received a call from home that my Aunt had passed away. In my dream, I was crying and being consoled by one of my current co-workers. The feeling that I had in my dream was so intense and painful that it woke me up crying. I looked at the time and it was 4:45 a.m.

I decided to go ahead and get up, since I could not sleep and get ready for work. The entire time while getting ready, I felt very uncomfortable and uneasy. I felt as if something was wrong. When I was leaving for work, I told my roommate, how I felt, she asked what was wrong and I explained that I didn't know, I just felt that something was not right. That day, my niece was supposed to have an induced delivery as well, so I was not sure if this feeling had anything to do with her.

On my way to work as I got closer to my hospital, the feeling of pain and despair got stronger, I thought about my dream and the actual death of my aunt and how the entire event of her death including the fact that her daughters and I assisted in applying her make-up and fixing her hair for the viewing of her funeral. I began to tear up and knew that I needed to stop because I could not go to work this way. At this time, my roommate called on my cell phone and asked of she should call my parents to give them her cell number in case something happened with my niece, this way she could call me at work and I told her yes. When we got off the phone I decided to call my sister who lives in a different time zone (2 hours early), because I needed to tell her how I felt.

Of course I woke her up, but she knew from the sound of my voice that I was upset so she was ready to listen; she also said she had been up all night pacing up and down the stairs unable to sleep. I told her that if something bad happens, then I needed someone to know that I already knew. I also said that I felt as though the closer I got to work, the more I wanted to pull over and cry, at this time my phone clicked in, and I knew this was it! I told my sister I had to take the call, that this was going to be the bad news and that I would call her back.

I answered the call and it was my roommate calling to tell me that she talked to my parents and my father had told her that my cousin Pauline (named after my grandmother and my Aunt Celia's daughter), had died early that morning. Of course I was very distraught and had to pull my car over because I was crying and could not drive. I called my sister back to tell her the bad news; I was so hysterical because of all the dreams and feelings that I had before finding out what had happened and feeling so angry that I could not figure it out in time to see her. I also found out later that day that she died in the same hospital that I work in and was pronounced dead after CPR efforts had been unsuccessful at 4:44 a.m.

I cannot seem to get rid of this strange feeling about all of this and I feel the need to talk to someone, because none of this makes any sense to me. It may all mean nothing, but it feels too strong, and I can't get it off of my mind.

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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-16)
I just have to tell you that I had a similar experience to yours. I was extremely close to my grandfather. He was everything to me. My grandfather had been very ill... He was in the hospital almost an hour away. We got a call from his wife telling us that he was near his end and we should rush to the hospital. Naturally I didn't even brush my teeth. I grabbed a jacket and rushed out the door with my mother. Of course I was desperate to get there. When we pulled into our parking space and turned the car off, we jumped out of the car and began to run. Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks. My mom looked at me like what the hell? I just couldn't budge. I began to stammer that I forgot something in the car (I didn't, I just didn't know how else to explain why I stopped dead in my tracks). I tried to shake it off and we continued into the hospital. It took about 3 minutes to get to my grandfather's room. When we walked into the room, he was dead. The first thing out of his wife's mouth was, "You missed him by 3 minutes."

I was so angry, so devastated that I wasn't there with him. Perhaps we share the same type of feelings... But now I reason it by saying there must have been a reason why I missed him. I don't know what the reason is for that. I thought maybe if I was present the pain would have been totally unbearable? I don't know. Try to take it easy and don't blame yourself. The thing I noticed about psychic abilities is that you are not always given enough information to be able to make a difference. I often have psychic experiences where I see something very clearly that relates to a specific person, but I need that person to explain what it all means. I tell myself that God only gives you the information you were meant to have, no more, no less. So like I said, don't be hard on yourself. Believe that your cousin is alive and well. Possibly you had some sort of strong connection with her and that's why you were able to sense this event that was related to her. That connection doesn't disappear, even after life is over in this world. Hope this helps you in some way, and sorry for your "loss," but believe that Pauline is certainly still alive. ❤
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-25)
Yeah I have only had a nightmare after my granddad died for some strange reason then every year for 5 years I would have that nightmare. Ever since from the age of 7 years old until the end of 11 years old. I don't know why we have these dreams and that. Its really really strange. 😐
Rickie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-05-14)
I've had a similar dream. I don't know how old your story is or if you've found anything out about your dream, but strange spiritual happenings happen to me all the time. I'm going to a metaphysical church now for answers and help.
I feel more at peace now and balanced spiritually.
If you would like to email me you can, my email address is shefoxe [at] subject it so I won't spam it

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