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Most do not believe me: And I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I don't believe myself. I don't believe I'm doing this but I need help. Serious help, I think.

The age of 6 was when everything started. I don't know what happened but I woke up and I could see extra things. I just thought it was something I had never paid attention to. It started with auras, and worked its way to things you see in fairy tales and hear about in stories. The first I saw was an imp. He was traveling through my house apparently. It was weird like a decayed flying monkey with arms twice as long as the body. And the odd thing was, I could see it but my dad never reacted. I thought it was one of those don't talk to strangers deals. I was wrong.

The world changed at that point. What people call ghosts, demons, imps, trolls, angels, even devils, would become a daily occurrence to me. I was an outcast to the normal kids because of it. I would be seen talking to thin air and walls and seen falling out of my seat because something scared me. Everyone cast me as the oddball and teachers would not like me because I acted so rashly at something that was nothing.

My story starts not there but just 2 years ago. Until then I obediently thought that I was something more. I could see auras, creatures no one has ever seen and I was special. I had awakened a second soul inside of me that was supposed to be asleep. It gave me abilities such as sight. And it gave me memories of my past lives. Our two souls melded into one. Memories passed. Atlantis was my first. I remember war and turmoil in that one. Then Japan; fair amount of turmoil there. Then England, and Ireland after that. Finally back to Japan and after that, here. All of this was wondrous I felt like I was a person that would amount to be a part of a world cataclysmic event. I wanted that. I wanted to be a hero since the age of seven.

Two years ago I met a psy-vampire that was having large and seemingly dangerous nightmares. She came to me as a wiccan to ask me about anything that could help. I gave her an angelic wall seal and it didn't work. She came to me again and I did research. Apparently, her past lives traced to the same area of Atlantis as mine did and her nightmares were memories. This drove us into a large investigation and finally it ended with me spilling everything I previously thought a secret onto her. She told me she believed me.

I won't tell all the details but it ended in me denying everything. I think I'm a schizoid but the thing is, I can feel the touch of the ghosts. If they push me, they don't go through. They actually push me over. The more I denied them the more solid they became. Soon I could not even tell physical people from ghosts. No translucent skin what-so-ever.

The next issue I have is immense bloodlust. Milk quails it so the bloodlust not looking for iron. And seeing blood will just as easily stop the bloodlust. That almost never happens anymore. My friend says I'm a seng-vampire and I see things because my lust has not been satisfied with another's blood. She offered to be my donor but I keep refusing. How can I make another person draw blood for my own selfish ploys?

The fact that I see auras is true. It's plausible since people everywhere do it. But what of my memories? Are they simply fabricated or are they truly mine?

Finally the next problematic evidence, I know the governments of the non-material worlds governing our afterlife. Confusing? I know. I don't believe it myself. But there are four non-material worlds after death. Each of us has a second soul sleeping inside of us and when we die, the two souls meld into one. That soul is of a certain, for lack of a better word, ethnicity. Angels, demons, spirits, and devils, in comparison to the human terminology. And each has a world that they connect through. This is unbelievable but I find them in memories. This is what I know, and what I deny with all my heart, as my brain cannot do so.

This story ultimately adds to 3 questions. Am I psychic? Am I crazy? And the third;

Do you believe the words of a man who doesn't believe himself?

I'm pleading... Someone tell me what I am. I have tried so many sites and never found anyone that believes me and never found anyone like me. I want to know. Am I crazy?

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SeeKer (1 stories) (13 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-09)
Tenshi: Hmm. I don't really know what to say. Your theories make sense, well what I can understand, at least. But you definitely have me thinking... And your theories scare me. I've always known that there was more. I don't really know how else to put it but "more". More than what we see everyday, more than what we feel and know. But I've never thought of it as 4 worlds, 2 extra than what I've always known...
I've always been taught that there's a Heaven and a hell. And that I'm only going to end up in one or the other. And that God is in Heaven along with the angels, and that the devil (Satan) is in hell along with demons... I hadn't even heard about there being other dimensions until I got to this website. So I'm still taking that in. But I'm not going to say that you're insane (I don't think you are) and disagree with this but I'm also not going to agree with it either, right now. So the only thing I can really be sure of is God. I know he exists and I believe in him...
And in your comment, you said "I digress this is getting far to religious and I'm straying from what I know as hard information". It's just about impossible to talk deeply about something without getting "far too religious" because it seems that everything is tied/ connected to religion. Maybe because God created everything, therefore it's connected to him in some way?...
So, I'm sort of just going on and on so I guess I'll end my comment with a question. I've seen the word "pagan" a lot, and I saw where you said that you were one, so what is a pagan?
Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜Š

P.S.- Sorry about the comment being all jumbled. I had a lot to say and it just didn't come out right. Some was here and some was there. ๐Ÿ˜•
leodowneyjr (1 stories) (71 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-24)
Dear friend, please chill out and don't share this whith anyone norms from here in. First, I have been seeing ghost, shadow people, demons and stuff for years. Since about nine. Many other friends, neighbors, and even family have also seen and heard things other wise I would have thout myself nuts as well. """""I also have seen wierd creatures, you have the very rare abitlity to see thing beyong ghost and demon, into the domensional realm. I first noticed it when I went to certain areas and I sense a vibe diff than ghost and domon. Something vastly powerfull and intellegent. Some of these and demons do play mind games and confuse you as well. Many want you to suffer, live in fear, and they do want others to think your hoplessly crazy so you people will lose hope and abandon you. They break you down and tyry to single you our before they take you over and get you to commit suicide. To take your sould into slavery. Some domensional are demons, many are huge benign demi god like powers that the ancients who lived in the wild exeperienced. There is a large area here in illinois were the domensional things dwell. I have had some exeperiences here and there but this area is powerfull. I use to fear and hide from it all but now I stand. The domensional paranormal is to me the most intertesting and under-research of the paranormal. In domensional areas people see lights, ufos, weird creatures, weird happenings, and people eve vanish. Places like skinwalker ranch are extremely domensional. Many thing are drwan to these areas of power, and few psychics sense this activity. My best friend scott has also had aroung a hundred of more experiences wehit ghost and demon. But he can't sense and feel these other things like I do. Its weird because were both tough 28 year old guys, you would never think we were belivers. We been in trouble in the past and are a little wild. But we have no choice but to face what we were given. We both almost died as kids, that might be why we have this. Besides the sense ghost like to scare us and even our families. At least we have whitnesses
Maria216 (2 stories) (53 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-24)
I would say, NO, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY, NOT EVEN A FREAK, actually, YOU'RE A GREAT AND GIFTED PSYCHIC! As I've been saying, some people are afraid of the unknown and it is only their "escape goat" to call gifted people as freaks or crazy so they can cover their fears. Those kind of people are the ones who are weak spiritually, emotionally and physically.
Albator (2 stories) (46 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-24)
I would worry about that bloodlust thing... Not exactly reassuring to know some people go around with bloodlust (sorry to speak my mind, but I also reason as a mother who has a child to protect), and not exactly very normal to have a friend offering you her blood either. Other than that I can perfectly understand the second soul that has awoken, you seeing creatures others don't see or having nightmares/memories of past lives.
Finally - what you said about the 4 worlds is interesting indeed, yet I agree with academylin - people cannot believe a man that doesn't believe in himself. Questionning your sanity is actually a sign of sanity... Most people plain crazy don't even know they are. However we're dealing with things here we are only starting to discover/master/learn about, no one I think is in a position to say they know the answer to the questions you have or to hold the universal truth.
Good luck in your quest and stay away from trouble or from people who may be showing you the wrong way.
hound7 (31 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-23)
tenshi... Have you ever heard of the term "Otherkin"? It could help to explain some of your past-life memories, as well as that "bloodlust" of your's...
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-23)
Thats it Tenshi!

I knew there was a reason why I had read this post ten times! Doh!

The solution has indeed presented itself before the problem!

The third question is of the utmost importance; " do you believe a man who doesn't believe himself?"

Then NO! And this is a HUGE problem.
YOU need to believe a) in yourself
B) what you think you know and c) your memories.

We are "born" into this human "conscious" form KNOWING EVERYTHING that we will ever need to know and MORE. Our problem is initially remembering what we already know and then trusting ourselves (who are a complete part of the whole that"is") implicitly enough to advance with our quest.

There, so what do we do now nen?!
๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜‰
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2009-01-23)
What is it you're desperate to hear? Many people already know on this site that there are various vibrational levels of existence (worlds, dimensions, planes, whatever you want to call it) and that energies come in many forms. This universe is so vast and not only is this planet a small spec but so are those other worlds. We all have the opportunity to ascend and are stuck no where for very long, in relative terms of time. Even demons and devils can evolve into a higher state just as angels can descend. Angels come from higher planes but there are higher ones still. There are planes that cannot be understood because we don't have words for them. A oneness is about as close as you can get. I've experienced higher planes where it is an absolute oneness, and when you come back here, you marvel at all the humans running around telling their drama stories, and loving their highs and lows. They do this here and they do this there.

Life is about experiences, evolution and learning and eventually returning to the whole. You're going through your journey and we're going through ours. We learn, share and eventually move on. Those planes and ours are still about the drama of the ego. They are about the illusion of separation, which we entities maximize at every opportunity through wars, racism, the sexes, money, and status, but this is part of the process and serves a purpose. As we move away from the ego state (which the ego fears with all of its essence because that is the death of the ego) we come closer to being the neutral observer of life, here and beyond. We are all psychic because we are all part of the same thing. You can remote view any time or space because it's all part of the One. These "worlds" are just one more vibrational space for ego to express and exist but in and of themselves they are still an illusion, just like this one.
Raven_fl15 (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-23)
You are definitely not alone. But, do you know where this bloodlust comes from? I think you are an Inheritor Vampire if anyone in your family has the same bloodlust. Or it is simply the Vampiric Medical Codition. I am having trouble with my abilities turning on and off. I finally have control of my emotions but my other abilities which use to be at the highest level (meaning I use to break things) has gone into an off and on radio silence. I guess it is because of the intense stress that everyone is putting on me, lack of meditation and other things. I have been dealing with this for a while now. I just wish I could go back in time to when my abilities were at its best and figure out what I did wrong and fix it. But, since it is a little difficult to do that, I just want to know how I can fix it now. But, one thing is certain. Every day, I deal with something in my apartment. So far, I have bruising that looks like finger tips jabbing into my arm, scratches on my face and neck, things are being moved around, and shadows are seen from the corner of my eye all the time. Please, if someone can help me get my abilities back, I would REALLY appreciate it! Raven_foreverindarkness [at]
tenshi (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-22)
so it seems this is coming up quite a lot and I neglecting putting this in my story for a reason... This is what I mean by the government of the four worlds. And please don't take this as I'm so condescending to say this is fact. This is what I have learned, this is what I have discovered, and this is what I doubt. I don't mean to be rude or defensive but I think this needs being said.

there are 4 worlds, each similar in characteristics to druidic and ancient religious description. So I dub each one a name corresponding to what the religions call it... This is not their actual name. I just want to make that clear as people keep saying that I'm fabricating this from the world around me. This is the wrong assumption. I am connecting it to the world around me simply as an attempt to relay the information in my head to the information others can connect with.

The four worlds that I know of are heaven, hell, the spirit world (summer land) and the wasteland. Each is governed by "ethnic" groups and in their current international correspondence, the worlds are like different countries. Respectively people can be called: devils, demons, spirits, and angels. Using human terms of course.

Making sure I get this through strait. Devils are not evil. They are simply compared to an asian or african. Its an ethnicity not a condemning system to their attitude and way of life. However they do tend to be more ruthless because their governmental system is basically, you kill the leader, you become him and then the other one does. They lead through suppression and uproar ensuring that the strongest person is leading the country. This isn't just a brutish thing either. Nefari, a queen at one point, killed the man by manipulating the upper council, demons they king relies on personally. Smarts also helps which ensures that the king or queen is not only the strongest but the smartest. Things tend to quite down for about a generation their time before another devil attempts.

The same thing about ethnicity applies to the rest and demons are the same. Demons are anarchy in their worlds view. Political affairs are dealt with on a personal level rather then a governmental one. Any knowledge gaining is of the own demons volition and they are quite smart actually. They live their own lives not caring for the rest of the world. If the other 3 worlds need to deal with that world, you go after the smartest demon you know. Their nature is a lot more kind but they are the epidimy of the ideal of self-preservation. They fight to keep from being controlled and they prefer to keep to their own. Their nature allows for anarchy to work in their world... Connected with the other four realms, it becomes a slight bit more of a problem.

The spirit world is the most commonly known as ghosts and our souls are most alike. This is also the most complicated for me to explain. Which turns me to my theory on our aura which has held up so far in my studies.

Our soul has a magnetic pulse but has no physical atoms or characteristics. It is also a driving force in what makes us live, for the emotion and instinct to exist, you need the soul. The soul also reacts with physical organs and biological organisms causing magnetic pulses which in turn causes aura. Aura is controlled through the understanding of positive and negative polarity in energy, but when we control aura its only a property of our physical world. Spirits do not have it because they cannot interact and retain action over a physical plain. More on how you see them will be later in a particularly interesting part of what I've learned. A spirit is a soul that has lost polarity and has no capability to effect the world, as such he cannot control a body, keep it alive, or for lack of a better word, physically exist. Physics do not apply because gravity no longer applies and chemicals cannot react which makes a ghost or spirit immortal in respect to throwing a cat at it. It passes through because the cat cannot effect it.
now the interesting part, our aura can effect a spirit making an art of auramancy and magick for protection, adventure, and other ways of getting in touch with what is beyond the capabilities of the body. Religion has practiced so many of these arts throughout time and we can do it but why can't we explore it? More on that later.

The angelic realm is primarily a utopia that humans could never pull off. Economy and knowledge are the only things they really care about and an army is minimal at best. However they are not exactly weak. Weapons on their part are something you can never understand. The biblical angels however are not the ones these people are. They have no care for emotion and rational is their only asset. A Renaissance of knowledge like we had during the scientific revolution has been present in their society since before I can recollect and they don't have it recorded. Its their nature.

The interesting part is that they all have connection and we're the latest find. Our world was hidden until they started finding that there was a fifth world they could not really call a world. Its like the common grounds for all of us. We all can access it and its more then possible that there are more worlds connected to this place. The astro plain is a center where we all can interact. Its used as a commerce for so long. Problem is that the humans simply see a first layer of the astro plain until they achieve "sight" the ability to see spirits and other things. Then we are in tact with this place and its so different and strange from what this world is. Flight is possible for our souls when their not attached to the body, but they are always tethered by the minds consciousness with a security lock the sub conscious. When they dissapear the soul is free to roam, and you never know what "ethnicity" your soul originated as, demon, devil, spirit, or angel, you never know until you find it for yourself.

The way they connect also has something to do with my dreams. I see in my dreams a purple pyramid in the spirit realm with a man on top and a book. It has the name of a religious "god" on its cover and when opened it forces the soul into a teleportation of sorts for spirits and other people, followed by an appearance in the the astro plain. Their first discovery of the other worlds is similar in this and I find it interesting that all the worlds pyramids are of a different color... None are yellow... Maybe we have not yet discovered a pyramid on our world that can have a relic that allows for the simulation of a larger connection, and the Egyptians, the myans, and from my memories, atlantis, have remnance of seeing this majestic building of which lives the connection to life. Maybe the eden god kicked us out of has our connection to the after life, the commerce and trade of 4 other worlds, the non-physical realm of physics yet to be explored. And in so many other religions a type of eden is present in one form or another. As a pagen I believe we were created at that pyrmaid and grew from there. I digress this is getting far to religious and I'm straying from what I know as hard information.

I know this seems really, really weird and there's a lot of typos since my word is gone and I have no way of correcting everything but you should get it. I don't mind if you don't believe me but I left this out of my story for a reason. Please don't say I'm simply pretending and fabricating just for attention. I have heard that so many times and I know its not true. Otherwise I want to hear what you have to say. I want to hear it desperately.
isisevangeline (3 stories) (172 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-22)
You should read my article Seeking For if it helps to seek any answers you are looking for. And my other to choose for yourself if you believe me I have written a couple spiritual incidents that happened to me.
But no your not crazy. ANd sadly I'm sorry your childhood was horrible. Fortunately for me I had very understanding classmates-childhood friends and teachers that sort of believed me but never thought me to be a freak or crazy. But I think it was more so because they thought I was always sweet but definitely honest. I was like you could say Teacher's pet but not in the way you think. I hated turning in my homework and things like that but I always did the tattling when somebody did something truly wrong.

But anyway I'd rather be weird than a puppet and I don't consider us freaks. And I do believe everything you've said. Except that not so much as milk than chocolate works better for me. I'd say lol.

But my concern is I have to ask what is your 2nd soul's name? What was it in Atlantis? Also you really can't say about the non-material worlds govern our afterlife, its going to kind of get you in trouble. I know. Didn't you ever have a teacher that taught you how to use some of your abilities?
But I gotta say you have a way with words I couldn't have said it in a much better and easier way myself about the whole 2 souls thing. Your not the only one growing up who has doubted yourself I also know others including myself that did time and time again. But there are just some things in my spiritual experiences and what I feel that told me at some time growing up I couldn't doubt it anymore.
So give yourself some time. Good luck if my articles aren't what your trying to find out than I hope you will find it someday.
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-22)
I know how this feels, even though I have nothing really similar to it. When I was little I used to think there was another part of me that would "come alive" if I was ever in danger. I had this little world of my own that was entierly based off Pokemon's "Syther" character. People used to look at me funny when I zoned out and mumbled to myself, but I prevailed through my limiting my little imaginary world to walking home from the bus stop. This eventually became too little and my world died.

Back to you- I think you do have something. Dunno what it is, maybe something Anne V said? She's probably smarter than me at this stuff:P

Also, I am also curious about the *quote*: "I know the governments of the non-material worlds governing our afterlife. Confusing? I know. I don't believe it myself. But there are four non-material worlds after death." My e-mail is lizardwarrior55 [at] Please email back on that!

voulme16 (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-22)
your not alone and I don't write you off as crazy... I am an outcast to... No one likes me... They think I'm crazy... But to keep from the making fun of me (like they used to) when I sense a ghost or something wrong I stay so still... Like a wall and try to understand it... It workz somethings...somethingz...not...but anyway hopefully for people like you and me the "freakz" of the world it'll get better "i dount it" byez
-Kristen โค
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2009-01-22)
That certainly was an interesting read! Outside of the bloodlust, I'd just consider you a person with a not-so-ordinary ability to live in two dimensions simultaneously. As many people on this site know, there are many non-human entities out in the subtle realms. Most time we can only see these when we are out-of-body (and frankly, I'm a bit glad for that!)

I usually don't tell a similar story because like you, you know people will think you're a whack job. However, I'll share this here since you shared yours. I was in deep meditation one day and my third eye opened up and I could see into a dimension that was not this one. It was like sub earth or something. Anyway, a gnome appeared and was sipping tea. He said to me, "Look at the lottery for seven days and it will be like looking at paper." I then went to the store every day, looked at the lottery and on the seventh day, I left my body and asked to see the lottery and pop, there were three numbers of which I played and won. So when you tell me you see non human entities, I won't question you. It's pure ego to think we're the only energies out there in this universe.

Memories of past lives are not that uncommon. I too remember Atlantis, being in wars, and even having previous lives not on this earth. You wrote a curious thing. You said, "I was a person that would amount to be a part of a world cataclysmic event." What do you mean? I ask because though I have no interest in being a hero I have felt that since almost birth - that in our lifetime we'll endure a cataclysmic event. As for if the memories are fabricated, who can say? You could always try and regress, seek proof, but even if you're picking up on the collective memory of humanity, you're still living them to some degree.

I must also comment on another fascinating thing you said, "I know the governments of the non-material worlds governing our afterlife." I've been wracking my brain for years trying to figure out why I have so many damned dreams of the government controlling us in another dimension. The "after-life" as you say was more just a parallel dimension to me. I'd like to share my e-mail with you because it gets even crazier (involving alien dna) and I'd like to run some things by you if you're interested. It's eclecticraven - at -

Crazy is what I see every day when people refuse to question their lives, authority, and reality. You sound to me like you're just trying to find answers in a world that rarely offers any.


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