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James' Death


I am very new to this, I have never joined, or read any stories related to this site before...

It all started when I was very young, my friend Danny told me his mum was pregnant, I remember telling him if she has a girl she should call her Amy... 5 months later she has a little girl which I later found out was named Amy. Four years later I am in the back of my friends car. He had only passed his test 2 weeks earlier. I had a feeling something bad would happen, at this stage we were parked and everyone was having a chat. No one in the car had worn a seatbelt but because of this bad feeling I put mine on. No sooner had it clicked into the slot we had crashed. I was the only person not injured.

A few months later I had a dream. We were all at Fiona's house watching girly films as we did at that age. I dreamt that Laura had bad stomach cramps and gave birth in Fiona's front room. I told Laura the next day at school and we all laughed. 5 years later Laura didn't know she was pregnant. She thought she was having period pains and felt the urge to push. I received a text Christmas day to say she had given birth in her front room.

The next strange vision didn't happen for 7 years. I had this awful dream that my dad was at my work standing next to me, all of a sudden he falls to the floor in agony. I remember waking up crying and I couldn't sleep. I tried to get some sleep because I had to go to work the day. After a restless night I woke up and I stopped in at my nan's on the way to work. My mobile rang and it was my mum. My dad had been taken to hospital. He had cut the top off his finger off with a Stanley blade.

Around four months ago I would be driving my car and have the same vision, I would be driving on a dual carriage way very fast and there would be a bend in the road. As soon as I got round the bend all the cars had stopped due to traffic but I couldn't stop and I hit them at full speed. This always made me slow down and be more aware. This December I was driving home and approached a bend, as I approached it I slowed down just as another car came flying round the corned on my side of the road and hit me head on.

The most recent story is the reason I have decided to take this further and find out more.

The last month I have been driving home from work past flowers at the roadside where people have died and it really started to upset me, It made me very sad and I would cry. I have been driving this route for 4 years and it has never affected me. I would keep having this thought of my friend Ben in hospital. The more I thought of it the more upset I became. He is one of my best friends.

Thursday 5th March 2009 Ben called me. Someone we knew named James was critically ill in hospital following a car crash. He and a passenger a young 18 year old girl were in ICU. Ben was very upset as it was one of his best friends. The next day James lost his fight for life and sadly past away. I wasn't that close to him but it has devastated our whole town, Its so tragic and such a shame. I've spent the last two weeks crying and consoling my friends and I can't help thinking that me becoming upset at seeing the flowers where people had crashed was a sign? Somehow I've found myself drawn to the place he crashed, and I put some red roses down for him. I went there a further four times with flowers for him... And I wrote him a letter promising I would look after Ben and Sy for him and make sure that they are ok...

Saturday I was walking through town and a gypsy approached me who was giving palm readings. I never really believed in things like that before, I've always thought it was lucky guesses or tricks of the mind, but then she told me about my car crash. She even knew the color of my car, and the car that hit me. She then told me I'm surrounded my red roses and asked if I knew anyone who had passed away recently and did the initial J or L mean anything to me...James! She said he is with me. Since then strange things have been happening... Things in my room keep falling over, my towel fell off the door, my mirror fell off my chest of drawers and my jewelry stand fell to the floor. I'm not scared, I'm just wondering if he is with me, then why me? I wasn't that close to him. Just spoke every now and then. None of it makes any sense and I suppose I am just trying to understand. As I have said I never really thought anything of this until this car crash, I suppose I've blocked it out.

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Redcurse (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-23)
P.D: oh and as for james its not a fact of is you knew him or not its just that you "draw him" sometimes when they die people start to act like animal they guide their selves for what they feel and he feels that you can do something for him.
Redcurse (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-23)
i see... Sry I found it amusing that we seem to share the fact that we are cursed. I mean long as you can't tell the time when its going to happen you can do nothing and your guilt will probably increase.
Take it easy though people die every now and then. Its something that must happen when it has to.
Now if you want to prevent it you just have to find the way to know when things are going to happen for that motive, I highly sugest you to obserbe and remember the details of those visions.
Who knows maybe you can determine the time just by looking at a trees estate (autum,spring) and what the people affected is wearing can also tell you that.
marquise (2 stories) (23 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-22)
I too have had experiences like yours, just keep in mind that although I'm a natural born psychic I'm new to this and my opinion is not professional. I believe that he is drawn to you because of how sensitive your psychic ability is. You must try to help him move on or pass along any messages he may have.
saoling (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-20)
I suggest you listen to his message. I had a little boy that drowned that I didn't know follow me around for a little while. All he did was play with my hair in class. He went away after a while though. I didn't get any messages or anything though.
jadetiger (8 stories) (55 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-18)
Ask him to tell you what he needs to tell you and move on. If he has a message, he feels that you are the one who is most likely to receive his message. Once you have it, pass it on.

dagingercode (1 stories) (36 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-18)
He could be with you for many reasons.
One could be that you are the most Psychic out of everyone he knew. The second could be that he is here to guide you for a certain amount of time. Listen to him.

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