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Gatorbait's Story 2


When I left off the first story, he was just born. He stayed a week in the hospital. That was a trying first week, NICU, then in a private room. But he is fine now, no problems.

When he was about 18 months, I noticed that he could see what I could sense. It was around about the time that my husband's aunt fell sick, in and out of the hospital, then eventually home with a home health nurse, and finally into a coma. We got the call for the family to come over, so we went to say goodbye, before she died. Gatorbait would just look over at her, then he would look to either side of her. He was seeing what I had sensed when we walked in, angels. They were standing to either side of her bed. They were just there, waiting. She died soon after.

About 6 months later, my husband would come in from work and we would go to the nursing home together to see his grandfather. One particular night, I didn't go, Gatorbait and his dad went. I was later told that Gatorbait wouldn't go near the bed, which, to his father was odd. For the fact, that Gatorbait would jump up on the bed with his great grandfather every other night and give him a kiss.

I guess he knew that something was amiss about him because later that night, his great grandfather died. And then at the funeral, we were by the casket and people were talking real loud. He looked at them and told them, "Sshh, Paw Paw's sleeping." And he meant it. I knew that by the way he looked at them.

Nothing really happened major, just the occasional someone looking in after us or to that extent, until Gatorbait was about 5 1/2, my uncle, who I had been taking care of, died. After that he would see him in his bedroom and in the kitchen. I would see him, too. My dad told him just to leave, that he was scaring him and he wanted to be left alone. My dad also told him to leave Gatorbait alone. It was every night, one of us would see him. Even my husband, who didn't believe in spirits, saw him. But I think he was warning us to something that I already knew.

My dad's passing, 4 months later. That was an ordeal. Gatorbait, like I, knew that he was going to die 6 months before he died. I think that my dad knew it also, by the comments he made. On the day that he died, Gatorbait was at a party. We decided that it was the best thing for him, to distract him from what was happening. When we got there to pick him up, I think he already knew by the way he acted. He never told me if he did. But he feel his grandfather at his funeral. And he stills sees him sometimes and talks to him. He told me that he sees his grandfather and my uncle to this day. He has seen a black shadow once. He told me that he saw his grandfather walk through the bathroom wall into Gatorbait's room and proceed out of the house through the wall. He also knows when the phone rings, if it is his dad or not.

There will be more as it progresses.

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