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I am 14 years old and I don't believe the experiences that I have encountered are a coincidence. My mother has always told me that psychics run in the family, I never believed her until a year ago. I woke up one morning to the feeling something bad was going to happen, through out the day I even thought I was going to die. The feeling was so strong I couldn't keep it hiding any longer.

I talked to my mother and told her how I was feeling and that I was even weary about riding in cars, in fear of an accident. The next day I went out to the mall and came home that night to find sadness written all over my parents faces. My mom then told me that my Aunt got in to a car accident way out in California, she wasn't doing so good. My Aunt survived but her brain is damaged.

Other experiences I've had are random and meaningless, I had a dream that my lotion bottle in my gym locker at school was going to run out. I woke up and forget all about the dream but when it came time for gym I grabbed my lotion bottle and the dream instantly came back to me, I was going to run out of lotion. I squeezed the bottle and sure enough no lotion came out, I laughed about that.

Other strange things have happened to me and I experience Deja Vu a lot. Feel free to comment and if any one has any suggestions it would help a lot!

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AlexanderTF (1 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-01)
My experianc is like I can actioly control rain and wind some times I know where what is but it as if I can see whit my mind I dream of things that are going to hapen is there a way to fully control these abilitys I some times m,anage to expirianc extreme speed I some times slow down and understand everything around me I can some times even control thunder and some times I can drift in to my soul and see every litl thing that's bothering me everything and even liten my weight its rather fritening but I realy want to control it fully so that I could use it more efisiantly.
Kristin (guest)
14 years ago (2007-07-24)
I highly reccommend that you check out I was having similar experiences and after speaking to Linda Salvin I gained a lot of clarity.

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