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Experience With A Psychic


For school we were doing personal narratives, and I chose to write about when I saw a psychic. I figured if you're all bored this will amuse you.

I have always been in awe with all the things the paranormal world had to offer. How a psychic could see the future, how a medium could communicate with the dead; it all never ceased to amaze me. I've seen a few ghosts when I was younger, most specifically, my deceased grandmother. I would frequently get the feeling I was being watched, and see an occasional shadow dart across the room. After having many ghostly encounters, there was one thing I hadn't done yet, and that was to meet a psychic. That's why I was ecstatic when my father informed me one would be coming to his house one weekend.

I waited impatiently for the weekend to roll around, it seemed like it was an eternity away. But eventually the time came when my father picked up me and my little sister, Lizz, from our mother's house to go to his for the weekend. As we drove up the mountain to his house in Warren, he told us in his gruff voice that the psychic, Aggy, was already there, as was his girlfriend, and her friend, Sue. We rode the remaining five minutes in silence, each of us just wondering what was going to occur this crisp November night. I was full of a fearful anticipation, wondering what she would say to me. The last thing I wanted was for me to walk into the house, only to have her jump up, point her finger at me, and wail, "YOUR GOING TO DIE IN SEVEN DAYS!", and collapse.

When we reached my father's house, we pulled into the back via the gravel driveway. I timidly climbed out of his truck, and entered the house through the backdoor, as was customary, which led to the kitchen. Sally, my dad's girlfriend, welcomed us, and introduced us to Sue, a portly woman with a warm smile. Sue is a nurse whose son recently moved to South Carolina, much to her dismay. We walked into the large living room, where there was cheese and crackers to tide us over until dinner was ready. That's when I saw her, Aggy, holding a cocktail glass in one hand, and a cell phone in the other. She looked up from whatever text message she was reading, made eye contact with each person entering the room, and smiled. When her eyes reached mine, I felt exposed, almost as if this woman saw my soul. The feeling only lasted a second, but it was enough to leave me staring at the brunette woman sitting on the couch in front of me. She was slender, and dressed as if she just came from a casual party. Her chocolate brown hair hung down to her shoulders, where her vanilla bean colored blouse complemented it perfectly. Her warm smile made me feel at ease, and made me think she met new people a lot.

By this time everyone had claimed all the space on the couch and love seat, so I was stuck sitting on the floor, on a Costco rug, with an ornate coffee table separating me from the rest of the group. When the conversation started and how, I don't know, but the topic was about one of Aggy's psychic friends, who wasn't so much gifted as she was crazy. The oven violently beeped, breaking the conversation. Sally got up and escorted us to the dining room, where we all took spots around the oval table. Sally left, and came back not two minutes later, carrying slabs of ham on a silver platter, along with a mixed green salad in a salmon colored bowl. As she divided up the ham into portions for each of us, and placed them on our plate, everyone helped themselves to the salad, passing around and drizzling the Red Wine Vinaigrette over their leafy greens. Casual conversation followed, with the adults sipping wine, and my sister and I sipping Diet Coke. We sat talking for about half an hour, the topic drifting towards Aggy and her gift. I eventually felt the urge to pee, and excused myself from the table.

When I returned, I helped Sally clear the table while Aggy and the others moved back to the living room. I could hear Aggy talk of how each person had guardian spirits. For some reason, the names Margret, Jude, and Francis popped into my head. When I was done, I stepped into the living room and situated myself onto a rocking chair, which didn't so much rock as it did try to throw you off as if it was a bucking bronco. Aggy turned to me and told me, "Brian is it? Well I feel you currently have three guardians. I'm getting Maggie, Jude and Fran." she added with a flourish. HOLY CRAB CAKES! I thought, this woman just said the names that popped into my head. After sitting in awe for a few seconds, I told her this, she merely gave me a polite smile, and decided we should start with numerology, or telling the future through numbers.

She started with me, I recited for her my birthday, June 4 1993, on her command. She took out a notebook from what must have been the largest purse I had ever seen. I was sure I could get lost in it. She wrote the numbers down, and began to add them up. 6+4+1+9+9+3. When she got thirty two, she added the two and three together, to get five. "Your fifth life, a life of creativity and success." she informed me. I was dumbfounded; according to what she said I was going to live more lives, I just want to live this one and get it over with. When I voiced my concerns, Aggy told us of how there are nine life lessons, and each life we live we need to learn a life lesson. If we mange to elude learning our set lesson, we have to go through an extra life.

As Aggy continued this little routine on my sister, I saw my father slipping out of the room and creep down the hall into his room. I heard him collapse on his bed, and, not soon thereafter, his rhythmic snoring added to the atmosphere of the room.

Tired of doing mathematics, Aggy decided to bring out her Pendulum Board. From her massive purse, she drew a wooden circle, painted black with dark red writing on it. Pointing North and South, it read "yes". East and West read "no". And in-between stated "maybe". She explained it was like an Ouija Board, where you ask it questions and it responds; however; in this case, you use some sort of pendulum instead of a panchette. She proceeded to take off her necklace, which was a silver chain from which a blue crystal delicately dangled. She held the chain in her hand, letting the crystal hover over the board. Then she said, "Can I have neutral please?" While none us knew what neutral meant, we assumed that when the crystal started spinning in a circle and a small smile flicked across her face, whatever she expected to happen, happened. We sat in awe. Just by looking at her hand, we could see she wasn't moving it, and there were no fans in the room. Seeing our quizzing looks, Aggy said, "Remember the guardian spirits I told you about? Well they move it for you if you ask nicely enough. Of course you could probably channel a different spirit in, but they might not be as truthful."

After explaining this to us, Aggy asked if anyone had any questions. Sue asked if her son would be visiting anytime soon, and, much to her displeasure, it swung East to West, stating "no". After this went on for a while, I asked a question of my own, "Does anybody else in this room have any sort of psychic gift?" To everyone's great surprise, it swayed in the direction that told us "yes". In awe, I went around our group asking about each person, minus Aggy for obvious reasons. Finally I came to the last person, me. I nervously asked it, and it rapidly swung to the yes position.

Aggy gave me an odd look, as if she couldn't believe it, but then she smiled that warm smile of hers, which made me think she suspected all along. Aggy, wanting to test the exactitude of the board, had me use it. To my great consternation, it did. But my buzz was killed a few moments later when Aggy explained that, in theory, anyone could use the board. Seeing I was coming down from my high, Aggy dove into her bag, from which she drew a sheet of paper and a pen. From what I could see, there was writing on the paper, and Aggy suddenly started asking me multiple choice questions. Once she was done, she looked at how I answered, and told me the results yielded that I was somewhat clairvoyant. She explained that this meant I had a sense of when things might happen, which would lead to me being very OCD about being late, which anyone who knows me is a true statement. She also said it led to me being sensitive to things around me, and told me that if I ever get a feeling something is near me, it probably is.

After dealing with the Pendulum Board for a half hour, Aggy decided she should attune us to our reiki, or spiritual energy. She gave me a wink and declared I would be first. She got a chair from the dining room upon which I was ordered to sit. Aggy put a mediation cd into the radio, and walked over to me. She asked me to close my eyes and put my hands palm up on my knees. After I complied, I felt Aggy put her hands on my head. Asking for silence, Aggy being to attune me.

It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I could feel Aggy put her hands on my back, head, shoulders, knees, and chest in random orders. As she was going about her little routine, I felt as if someone was pushing my shoulder, making me go to the left. I knew it wasn't my psychic friend, for her hands were currently on my head, but sure enough, I started to sway to the left, rocking back and forth. This was suddenly followed by a twitching in my knee, and the feeling of someone's hand against my neck, all while Aggy's hands laid upon my head. These feeling continued as she traced my body with her hands in short jerky movements. But now, a purple haze rolled across my vision, almost as if it were a lava lamp. From this mist, I saw three faces come forth. The first was a young man with a clean, shaven face, and short messy brown hair. Second came a middle aged man, balding, with a scruffy beard. Lastly came a young woman, with long, curly blonde hair accenting her soft features. I immediately new they were Jude, Francis, and Margret, my guardian spirits. As the faces faded, I heard a slight murmuring, and felt a tap on my shoulder. Aggy was finished with her attuning.

When asked what I saw and felt, I told them everything, even how I was a little ticked off someone talked during my session. I was confused when everyone told me nobody talked, but that confusion left when Aggy said I just heard some spirit talking to itself. Smiling, Aggy informed me the purple haze was my chakra, and the three faces were indeed my guardians. Curious, my sister asked to know the names of her spirits. Aggy told her she felt she had four, and the only name she got was Francis, who Lizz shared with me.

Just before Aggy began to attune Lizz, she asked me to meditate, and see if I got visions of anything while she attuned my sister. I sat Indian style on the sofa, closed my eyes, and placed my hands palms up on my knees. After a minute of nothing happening, I saw a silhouette of my sister, with three orbs of light behind her, and felt two behind me. One floated in the middle, and grew into the shape of a middle aged man, Francis. He wasn't sure who to stand by. I could feel both my sisters guardians and mine trying to get him to come to our respective sides. He slowly drifted to my sister, but then he stop when a chain appeared around his waist. I felt a chain drop into my hand, and closed my hand around it. I could feel the chain strain due to the fact Francis was pulling the opposite way.

Then it stopped. I opened my eyes to see Aggy was done attuning my sister, and listening to her experience. Then Aggy turned to me, and I told her about Francis and his confusion about where to go, and about the chain. She openly laughed, "What an interesting situation, he is probably frustrated right now." she concluded with a smirk.

She attuned Sue next, and had me meditate again. I saw the outline of Sue, with three small orbs forming a triangle above her head. The bottom two shot down and swirled about her stomach region, where there appeared to be a large hole. They twisted and turned all around her body, and the hole began to shrink. My attention was then drawn to the last orb, who began to grow, and took on the resemblance of a used-car sales-man. His pompadour reminded me of Elvis, and his smug grin made him seem like he was ready to sell somebody an old hunk of junk for a horrid price and get them caught in a loop hole so they couldn't do anything about it.

When Aggy was done with Sue, she decided she had one last thing she wanted to do, handprints. She once again thrust her arm into her black hole of a purse, and drew a piece of paper and lipstick. "Whenever you do this, use cheap, waxy lipstick. Works the best!" she exclaimed. She took my hand and applied the rosy lipstick all over my palm. She placed my hand on the paper and pushed down. She had my carefully take my hand off, and we all examined my handprint. Immediately there were two things we all saw. There was some type of figure, looking as if it was somebody doing the 'y' in the YMCA, and a 'p'. She told me the figure represented my guardian spirits, who some people called guardian angels. So what we thought were arms, were actually wings. "The p... Hmm. I think it's somebody you know, get back to me on that later." she said. And, upon closer examination, she saw a W, which was in what she called the travel region, meaning I would soon go someplace with a W.

I left to wash my hand, and, when I returned, Aggy declared it was time for her to leave. She said her goodbyes and slung her giant purse over her shoulder, Aggy seemed to crumble under it's weight. Just before she left, she handed me her pendulum board, saying to give it back whenever I saw her next, which I took as a promise that we would meet again.

I went to bed that night, reviewing the evenings happenings in my mind, glad I had finally met a psychic, and an amazing one at that. I fell asleep, in awe of the things the paranormal world has to offer.

--- just to let you know... I got an A.

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harrypotterrules (1 stories) (88 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-03)
I can't wait to meet a psychic... Because I want to see if I have abilities (see my story "Telepathy -- Is It True?")
sterhawk123 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-03-09)
NEATO! I went to a psychic the other day and she said I was a sensative and gave me her guidebook to tarot cards and asked me if when the cards were done, if I wanted to have them. THEN she asked if I wanted to be mentored. Super cool! PSYCHICS ARE THE BEST! (AND GARDIAN ANGELS!) 😆 😁 ❤
Tara9282 (3 stories) (41 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-26)
lol I didn't read the first paragraph lol and wondered why you had to write your story with such detail lol and then I got to the bottom... Had to scroll all the way up again to the first paragraph and the lightbulb clicked lmfao. Good story! Keep meditating! And you should def. Try to get back in touch with your guides!
bubbaoh10 (5 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-22)
she's awesome...
She also wants to teach how to do reiki... Which freaking blows my mind...
Caveman0419 (5 stories) (16 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-21)
i want to meet a known psychic one day. My grandma was, but shes been dead meany years and her last years were rough but id like to meet one I don't know. That sounds like it was fun and enlightning. Also, it seems like your other natural talent is in writing.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-18)
There are some flaws when you mention it like that usaly mediums ask you about your age, when you where born, and then they do some tarrot but this person uses ctystals and the stars I suppose there is a huge diffrence bewteen mediums and other psychics mediums just some how go with it all and others have diffrent customs like the drawings I don't trust drawings to much there are a lot of fake psychics and they are getting smarter.
Openminded15 (1 stories) (14 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-18)
You are extremely lucky to have met a psychic. Ever since I found out I had abilities, I've wanted to meet one. I hope all goes well for you and your clairvoyance and may you grow and embrace it.

DeaLetum (3 stories) (20 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-17)
That sounds so cool. I wish I could meet a psychic. I love the paranormal and psychic abilities and everything to do with it.

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