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I spent most of my life in fanatical religion (JW) that rejected all things psychic as the work of the Devil. Several unbidden psychic experiences - and several scandals that shocked me - changed all that. I find myself in the 'elder statesman' phase of life with a worldview that is radically different from that which I grew up with.

The change began with foreknowing my father's death - which horrified me. No vision, no voices, just a strong 'knowing' even though there was no immediate cause to be worried about. I prayed and prayed against this event happening but he unexpectedly (to others) fell into a coma. I waited for most of three days to make the five hour trip home. When I finally did, I was taken to his hospital room immediately - and he died within seconds of my walking out of the room in tears. The seemingly careful timing was the bizarre thing, yet he could not have consciously engineered it since the cause of the sudden coma was a burst aneurysm in his brain stem.

There have been a lot of odd events like this in my life. More recently, I lost many years of savings in the stock market crash but on occasion, will get a dream about a stock I've never heard of - that later goes up dramatically. Considering my many troubles, a handicapped wife, an impoverished daughter and insecure job, I really wish that I could trigger this ability somehow! On "Medium" they keep saying, "It doesn't work that way!"

I know from Russell Targ (of CIA psychic fame) that such events have an almost 'trickster' quality about them, as his friends had dramatic but only brief success with roulette and silver futures.

I desire no mansion, no SUV, no yacht. Still, it would be nice to support my family this way. Thanks.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
12 years ago (2009-10-21)

I think asking what astral travel is like is asking people what living is like. The experience depends on the person. The "average" traveler will experience the astral like a dream, and most often mistake it for that. The somewhat experienced will start to become lucid and the picture becomes more clear. They will think they still need to walk but eventually learn to fly, then eventually realize that's not necessary either. The expert will be fully conscious and also come to know that there are numerous dimensions and planes. Heaven and hell are true, in the sense that there are high vibrating planes and very dense ones (like earth!). They will teleport instantly, ascend to higher planes, meet and learn from masters, see the future, heal themselves, travel to different worlds, etc. It's pretty amazing stuff. You can read more particulars on my other site ( I don't guess this stuff, I know it.

NDE's are powerful but so are fully lucid, advanced astral travel. Trust me, once you've been to the higher planes, coming back here is very difficult. The stunning beauty, light, love and truth of the higher planes makes it all the more painful to come back here to the dark, ignorant, hateful and controlled environment that we live and in and have been taught is 'okay'. I don't know where I read it, but the words, "Prison Planet" is no joke.

In terms of the lottery, why do we play? Money of course, but I already have lots of that. I learned years ago how to manifest abundance into my life and I even wrote a book on it (free to anyone who asks, by the way) so the lottery was more of a confirmation of my ability to astral project. I wanted proof. That was just one of a dozen ways to get it. But I also use the daily lottery (three numbers) as a daily practice of my remote viewing skills. I try and remote view them and just check last night's numbers to see how I did.

Emotion is a large part of the lottery. When I speak of the astral, you probably don't know this, but it's the "emotional plane" of existence. So the deep feeling of desire can help with that in getting what you want. What is discipline and determination? It's a deep feeling of desire to attain something, and if you have enough of it, you'll get it. Nothing can stop me in my desires because I know how to work the emotional aspect of it, combined with un-limiting beliefs.

Feel free to write me if you wish to correspond further. I'm at eclecticraven - at -

Eighthman (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-21)
I appreciate your articulate reply. I have a few questions - first, what does astral travel feel like? A mere dream? Or are your senses completely involved? I note that NDE's are usually more profound and 'more real than real' so this is hopeful. What success with the lottery have you had? To what extent does emotion play in development?

My hindrance to psychic/remote viewing is intense "AOL" as they call it. As my career is in television, calling complex visual scenes to mind instantly is effortless and that doesn't help.

My religious background need not be a hindrance given that expectant prayer was part of it.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
12 years ago (2009-10-20)

I work on seeing the lottery myself and have several successes. My years of experience with this has taught me some fundamentals, which I'll share here. Your subconscious mind knows all, as I'm sure you're becoming aware of that fact. We, as humans, can see the future, however, most of us have led lives just like yours which is saying that the paranormal is garbage and worse yet, the Devil's work. This closes down our subtle sight and limits our experiences until we "must" learn and then things like what happen to you, start to happen. You can only stifle the human spirit so long and then the subconscious starts delivering lessons, regardless of background.

I had the luxury of growing up without limiting attitudes and beliefs I so was able to develop my skills to a much more advanced degree. You're now asking, in your 50's, about how to do something that people like me (in my 40's) have been working on for a much longer time. It's not that it's impossible, for nothing is, but get ready to open your mind some more, get informed and practice-- just like the rest of us. I always tell people, think of your abilities like a muscle. Yours has all but atrophied. Do you even know what a third eye is? Or chakras, the aura or anything? You can't master what you don't know. So get knowing!

Understand that your body is one thing: An incredible filter. Our filter has to be conditioned to pick up subtle bits of information. Another thing to know is that your filter is lessoned as you move away from density into lightness. What does that mean? It means that as a dense filter, we have better success on attaining subtle information by getting away from beta thought patterns and moving more into alpha, and hopefully one day, into delta. It means to tap into sleep, keep a dream journal, work your chakras, open your third eye, and one of the most assured ways, "leave the body" which is totally getting out of your dense filter. This is not easy and most lose interest or hope before they get anywhere, especially young impatient people.

And one more important thing, if not at the top of the list, is determination. That is omnipotent. I had astrally traveled for a long time until I decided I wanted to prove what I was really doing was real. The best way to do this? The lottery of course! That information does not exist in our brain pan. So I tried and tried with no avail. It wasn't until I used with such power, my "will" Chakra and force that pop! There it was. This is like anything in life. Energy like a light bulb is all over the place. Energy like a laser does wonders.

Another means is learning remote viewing. Again, you're going to have to start reading, researching and the rest. If this were easy, everyone would win the lottery and there would be no lottery because it would be bankrupt. Hard work, knowledge, and an open mind will unlock the key.
Best to you,


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