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Since 1995, I have had several dreams in which I quite clearly see events happening that include family members or close friends. The eerie part of those dreams is that sometimes they then happen or happen before I wake.

When these dreams started happening to me, I pushed it to the back of my mind thinking it was some freakish coincidence. Then I mentioned it on one occasion to two separate family members and they thought I was fabricating it all, knowing what happened and then saying that I dreamed about it.

So, not wanting to the considered crazy, I decided one morning when I woke to tell my husband and my daughter about my cousin's boyfriend's car accident that I had dreamt about that night. I told them that he was driving his car near an old stone spanned bridge and that his car had gone off of the bridge into the water, but that I had seen him crawl out of the window, swim to shore, and pull himself up the steep embankment and that he was sitting on the top of the hill at the side of the road, shivering and soaking wet. I recounted the dream to them at 8a.m. As soon as I woke up and came into the kitchen for coffee. At 11am. My cousin telephoned. She said that Dan, her boyfriend, had been in a car accident in Pakenham, Ontario (5-spanned stone bridge) and that he'd crawled out the window of the car after it had gone off of the bridge into the river and sat at the top of the hill by the road to Blakeney and someone saw him and picked him up and drove him home. It had happened around 2am.

I was dumbfounded. I handed the phone to my husband and he talked to her and told her that I had just told them the same story and that I had DREAMT it.

On a separate occasion, this same Dan, had been partying in Ottawa with some friends. He had stayed overnight and left his car parked on the street. When he got up in the morning it was gone. Two days had passed before my cousin and I spoke and she told me about it. That night, I went to bed and dreamt that I saw Dan's car, and the street sign of where it was.

The following morning, I called my cousin and asked her to call Dan and to tell him that I knew where his car was. They were very skeptical, but didn't have anything to lose. I said I was going to drive there and see for myself if it was really there, so Dan came with me. I stopped at a gas station and got a map of Ottawa and looked up the street name. We found the street and drove down what we thought was the length of it, with no car. I was certain it was on that street. I said, maybe it had been and that whoever had stolen it was driving it. There was a corner store at the stop sign, so we went in and asked if the owner had seen the car parked anywhere. He said no, but this street continues after the little jag in the cross street. We'd thought it had been the end of the road, but when we got back in my car and drove around the corner, we indeed saw the street sign, so we turned left and about 50 feet in front of us was Dan's car. He couldn't believe it. (neither could I, really. It was so strange. But I felt so strongly that it was going to be there, and it was!)

I have a son who has been in trouble with the law and is addicted to drugs. He had been on probation for several months and had a newborn son that was living with us. I went to bed one night and dreamt that he had gotten in trouble with the law once again and had been picked up for public intoxication and received several new charges and was going back to jail. I actually woke up in the middle of the night from the dream, and was crying. My husband asked what was wrong and I told him the dream. (He's always been so skeptical, but by this point, he had started to wonder if my dreams of things like that were actually foretelling what was going to happen.) He said, Great. Very sarcastically. The next morning, my son's probation officer called to say that what I had dreamt (I didn't tell her) had actually happened and that he was being held in custody until his court appearance. He'd been picked up by the police because he was known to them, and they could tell by his appearance that he was intoxicated. A breach of probation.

Last year, I described a place to my husband up on the mountain on a property that I have never been to. I said that I dreamt that his father had an accident there when he was logging. His father is almost 70, but still works in the bush. My husband grew up there, and knew the whole mountain like the back of his hand. I described a huge pine tree, with the majority of the limbs leaning over the roadway and a locked wooden gate. I said, just inside that gate there was a roadway (logging road) to the right and in there, his father had injured his leg badly, working by himself. He said he knew exactly where that was, but that his dad wouldn't be working in there because it had already been logged.

Later that week, his mother called us to say that Dad had been working up by the old pine tree on the neighbors and was cutting up hardwood for firewood with a chainsaw, when the saw jumped and cut into his leg above his chainsaw boots. I didn't tell her that I had dreamt it because they all think I'm crazy anyway because I have foolish ideas about things (according to them).

Anyway, I just wondered if there is somewhere I can go to find out more about this, or if this happens to many people? The majority of my dreams don't come true, thank goodness, but as you read above, sometimes they do. Trying to decipher the ones that will is what I would like to learn how to do. (it seems a very strong feeling comes over me and the dream doesn't leave me in the morning, I think about it all day long, and those are the ones that usually mean something.) Is there some way to develop this more?

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empa73 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-31)
keltlass, I am in the same boat as you are... But my dreams arent always about bad things... I dream about little things in my life too (like my sister scolding me that we need to use the same commands for training her dog, this before she had a dog and had no plans of getting a dog. About 4 months later she and her fiance split up and she got a dog. A couples of months later was scolding me about training command!) It was funny because I had told her about the dream when I had had it and when the deja vu kicked in I told her immeadiately and we shared a laugh.) But I'm interested in how to know when my dreams are just dreams and when they are preminitions... For me so far, on most preminition dreams I do have that nagging feeling all day but... Bottom line is, I know what you're going through and I'm right there with you. Just always have faith in yourself, you mind, body and spirit. And pay no mind to people who haven't reached the point in their lives to believe in your abilities. Everyone is on their own path in life, just focus on yours. Loved reading your story. 😁 Peace be with you now and always. ~J~
dreamergurl (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-30)
This is a gift that we psychics call a few different things, precognition, remote viewing... And a lot of times in the past, the army would even hire "remote viewers" to help strategize. It's very normal, and does happen to people. I have precognitive dreams fairly often, the best one, my boyfriend and I going out, and now that we've been together for a while, me seeing our first year anniversary:). This is a very useful gift, but many people will indeed call it "unreal" or "crazy". Don't listen to them... There's lot's of us "crazy" people haha. It's normal.:) If you have any other questions, or just want someone to talk to, feel free to email me, at annie.haftl [at] God's Love-

~Annie ❤
spazchicken (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-28)
I have a lot of precognition dreams that come true and most are bad and I've figured this out at around 13 years of age.

The latest one (a few weeks ago) was were I saw someone laying in a pool of blood because they fell off of something and I knew they did it on purpose. 3 days later I found out that my boyfriend's long time co-worker fell off a ladder at work on purpose because he didn't want to retire. My boyfriend specifically said that they found him laying in a pool of blood.

The more I look into my precognitive dreams, the less "symbolic" and more literal they are. I can usually tell that they are precognitive because I have a feeling like I need to tell someone about this dream.

As far as information, I have not seen TO many things on the subject. I found a few paragraphs in the book: Cloud Nine: A Dreamers Dictionary were it tells you on how you can even command them to happen and with a special symbol (like an animal) so that you know that they are precognitive. I have not tried this yet... Kinda scared to:p

The book: "What a coincidence!" has some things on them as well. There are a lot of coincidental things that happen though besides dreams that you may have that you don't know about like seeing number patterns ect.

I just got done reading: "Discover your Psychic Type" which talks about the type of intuitive you are. Usually Mental/Spiritual Intuitive types have these dreams.
Diane_17 (3 stories) (46 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-28)
i had one like that, but mine was about my uncle getting shot and when I woke up I found out that he had been shot

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