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When I reached twelve years of age a lot of things I didn't understand started to happen. At first it started with having dreams that anywhere from a couple days to couple months later would actually happen. As I got older I started to feel really uncomfortable in certain places. It was like this feeling that something wasn't right.

When I reached the age of thirteen I had my first really profound experience. I was in a private school that had been a military base and an orphanage at two different times. My roommate and I were messing around after lights out and our houseparent caught us. Our punishment was that we had to sit at the bottom of the stairs for several hours. Since I had started at this school that uneasy feeling had increased to almost a constant nervousness. As I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs I started to get more and more nervous. The basement was never a really warm place to begin with but as I sat it began to become colder. As I was sitting there I began to hear a whispered conversation. I admit I wasn't expecting it so I told my room mate to stop talking or we'd be in more trouble. He responded that he hadn't been talking and told me to shut up before we really did get in more trouble. Now I was curious as to whether or not he was just messing with me. So the next time I heard that noise I decided to sneak over to see if he was. I started quietly across the basement to the second stair my roommate was on. As I crossed the room I realized that the noise wasn't coming from the back stair but it was coming from one of the storage rooms that I knew was so full no one would fit in there. I immediately turned and ran back up to my room despite the fact that I would probably get in more trouble.

After that episode similar things started to happen more often. Eventually I started to see things that I couldn't really explain but they were always just at the edge of my vision. When I became fifteen something terrible happen I got placed into foster care. I was set up with a foster family that lived in a really old house. When I went to my new foster parents, who I neglected to mention were Christian to the point it would make anyone gag, and tried to explain what was going on with me they sent me to a place called Laurel Youth Services Diagnostic. Which is very ironic cause I had already had a dream that took place there a week before. When I got there I kept everything to myself to try and keep from getting sent to anywhere worse.

Eventually though it slipped out and I was sent to a mental hospital for something along the lines of paranoid delusional. While I was there I started to do something that I later regretted a lot. I started to try and repress my psychic abilities and I managed to succeed to a degree instead of the usual things I was experiencing before now I would get a kind of tremor. When I was nineteen years old though it came back with a vengeance now I was getting experiences that were way more vivid and frightening then before. Now I'm twenty years old and I'm living in one of the older houses in Williamsport. I have sensed a total of five spirits that I can identify to a degree there's more that I sense but I can't get any sort of grasp on what type of person or other creature they are. I can tell that there's an old lady with a small dog on the first floor, a black man in coat tails in the entryway, there's a small girl in the attic, and a teenage girl in the room next to mine. I really wish someone could help me with this cause I really don't want to be aware of these things and I was hoping that a website like this might be able to put me in touch with someone to give me way more control over this.

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