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At The Lake Cabin


I remember staying at the local lake house that my father bought in 2007, I still saw this creature after the property was bought; I never told my parents that night of seeing the creature. I knew right away it wasn't an alive animal, but something that was looking for me from the beyond. This creature had beaming red eyes and came with the shape of the wolf and bear. That was only three years ago, now in college, I've met someone named Josh.

Something wasn't right when he started to talk to me as if he was hiding his fear from something and looking above and behind his shoulder was the same creature from three years ago at the lake house. This creature was snarling as if I was invading his space, yet I had the feeling of standing up against the creature. I felt Josh watching me as he asked: "What's wrong, Anna?"

I stood silent only to stare down upon the creature's beaming red eyes. It was only a few minutes later that the creature stop snarling and disappeared. Josh's voice suddenly yelled: "Anna!"

I felt a hit of wind of returning air into my lungs and then still from those three years I knew one thing that creature was snarling about.

It was its name: "Maladie." "Death" the French word for death.

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