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My Iraq Experiences


I have several experiences from the war. I was there 16 months and worked primarily in the Sadr City area. I think I have always sort of known when a traumatic event was going to happen around me, but I normally was too scared or in shock about the inevitable event that was about to happen for me to realize my premonition. Well, in Iraq, I was terrified all the time for a while. Eventually, I just wasn't scared anymore.

The first time it happened, I chalked it up to my body not knowing what I was walking up on, but anticipating something bad. I was responding to an IED explosion and went to provide security for a disabled vehicle. We were only about a minute away and heard and saw the blast. As I approached the vehicle, I got a very chilling feeling and prickles up my back. Everything around me got very slow but I was still moving at a normal rate of speed. I opened the door of the disabled vehicle and found a mortally wounded US soldier who promptly died a few seconds later right there in my arms. There is much more to that particular story, but that's another point.

I got that feeling of slowing many many times and always it was preceded by me finding a dead or near dead person. Most times I had no idea I was about to find these people until just a minute or 2 before, when I started to get the feeling and the world slowed. Once, I was on a humanitarian mission and was feeling pretty happy. I was in an Iraqi house giving them shoes and I suddenly got the feeling. Then the woman of the house suddenly asked if I had shoes for a baby. We went into a back room and there was a little baby girl that looked sick. We went back to the house 3 days later and was told the baby had died the night before.

I have been in pitch darkness, suddenly gotten the feeling, and leaned down and grabbed the protruding elbow of a body that had been buried there.

After a while in Iraq, I found myself getting asked by name by the EOD (bomb squad), and QRF (quick reaction force) to do missions because I handled myself well in those situations. I also did a lot of public affairs work, talking to the press a lot about our missions. There are over 3500 hits on google on my quotes to the press and some stories I did for web sites and print papers.

Only twice since I have been home have I had the feeling, and both times, without warning, I came upon very traumatic circumstances. Never have I had any visions, just feeling. But, I guess Iraq, with so much death and destruction, sort of woke me up a little to whatever. I am just not scared anymore when I get those feelings.

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sabotsoldier (1 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-09)
Thanks yall for the comments and advice. Yes CVT6702, something has definitely kicked in for me. Physically as well as spiritually. Yes, Kim, I believe in God. Thank you Abbey.

Physically, I have severe Tinnitus (constant ringing in my left ear) from all the racket in the Middle East and I believe from one of the IEDs that I was hit by. The vibrations my ear reacts to are different now. I usually hear what would be described as what crickets sound like at night outside a window. But I hear soft words and phrases mixed in as well from time to time, almost always at night. I can't really understand most of it, but from time to time my name is in there. Like I mentioned before, this sort of stuff doesn't scare me.

Spiritually, I could have chosen many assignments, but I chose an "off the beaten path" assignment here in Rhode Island. I have taken 6 semester hours in the Holistic Counseling program at Salve Regina University. My hearing disorder allows me to attain a state of mindfulness quite easily. As the only male energy in our class, I was an easy choice as the "guniea pig" for our Hakomi seminar. This was very powerful for me as I revisited some events from the war and continued back in time to me again as a soldier in the distant past. I only know that this was a time before electricity or advanced candles. I also recall that I was in charge of protecting a book of history for an important person. I remember trying to keep the rain off of it. The word "warder" came to mind as well.

I have rambled on much during this post, but wanted to respond to those who thought enough to remark on my story.

I have a couple other powerful experiences to share another time.

One is about my cat, who came to me just after I got home from Iraq. She has been by my side ever since. She is very cold to others, however.

Another is a vision of my Grandmothers grave to help me through some guilt issues.

Thanks again all


Abby (99 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-08)
Dear Sean,

It is my belief that what you are experiencing is your "sixth sense". You are using your "gut feeling", intuition/intuitive, sensitive and psychic abilities. You are more openly, aware and sensitive to them than others within your environment like your immediate military family and comrades. This is also why these experiences are occurring to you and not to them, as well as why you stand out to be chosen to go on such missions.

Traumatic events can cause a person/human being to basically leave their body or real 3D earth physical presence, reality and time. In doing so, a person/human being is opened up to their own sixth sense and psychic abilities. It should not take a tragic event to get people/human beings in touch with their sixth sense, but sometimes it takes a harsh thump on the psychic forehead to reawaken some or shall I say most human beings.

These senses can also be used on a day to day level and in a positive environment. It is the human condition that fear and trauma are more remembered, recalled and catalytic than positive events. Hopefully, this will change and is changing.

I wish to thank you for serving our country and am grateful to you and to all those presently serving, as well as to all those who have served in the past. ❤

If I can be of service to you here, please let me know by asking me on your present story page.

Blessings, Peace and Thank You, --Abby ❤
Psyichckim (3 stories) (46 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-05)
hello sean,
i have tears comming out of my eyes right now reading your story thank you for fighting for our country do you believe in god? I feel like he kept you safe I am glad you are home safe and you probably have more gifts than that just ask him to help you find them I wish you luck in everything you do
much love,
kim ❤
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-04)
I believe in Iraq your Psychic side began to kick and it gave your warnings about what is ahead and what you would find and it helped you to better deal with your situation.

I wanted to write here also to say you may be experiencing a Psychic gift which might continue to develop and if that happens you might begin to hear Spirits talking to you and or see them and they might come into you in your dreams and some may be the spirits of the dead that you knew there and if this happens I don't want you to be frightened I want you to know that you are not imagining these things that they are real.
Only time will tell if this could happen to you but if they do be advised this is no doubt your Psychic gift opening up and you are not dillussional or having flashbacks from the war.

Only you know if you want to pursue developing your Psychic Gift but be aware if you do sometimes people do not believe the things that you see or the things that come to in your dreams and even in your wake state.

One Example when I first began doing this during the First Middle-Eastern war one morning I awakened to see a Missle hit a Ship and I didn't know what to do about it but a little later I saw a picture in the paper and there was what I had seen a Missle hitting the U.S. Stark in the war back in the eighties or nineties but anyway the First War in the Middle East.

Another incident happened when I saw a group of U.S. Soldiers and saw gas floating above them and later we learned that Hussein had gassed U.S. Soldiers during that time period.

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