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Who Was He?


Let me begin my story by telling you what lead me to the meeting with this person.

I was playing in a "Pro/Am" Foosball Tournament. I was only ranked a Amature and my partner was ranked a Rookie, yet we won every match including beating a team that had a "Pro", that was ranked 6th in the world at that time and he had a high level Am Partner. So this was an exceptional achievement for me. By winning all my matches we were the "Winner of the Winners", which meant we had to wait for all other matches to finish before we would play for First place.

Since the wait would be long and others had to wait or were out, a few friends asked me to come along, 3 doors down, to a bar and celebrate. I agreed.

Ok, Now we sat down at the bar. This is when an experience happened that effected me and changed my life. I was watching something on the TV there and I noticed a man at a table, alone, laughing. He said, that's a funny commercial, I agreed. He got up and walked over to me. He appeared to be about 50 years old and I was about 25 at the time.

He said "You're one of Us". "Let me show you", he positioned his hand over my right hand, that was on the bar, about 6 inches above it. I felt heat coming from his hand. It was very noticeable and warm to the point it was "hot". He moved his hand up my arm across my face and down my other arm, in 1 motion.

He then said "let me show you" and raised his hand towards my head, I backed away. He said, "ok", "let me tell you somethings". He then proceeded to tell me things, He knew my birth date, that my mom had just died, and that I was not "in love" with my current girl friend, and many many more facts.

He told me "You can do anything you want. There is nothing you can't do. The only time you don't achieve a goal, is when you stop yourself or allow yourself to fail". He then went onto say "If I don't show you, that you're one of us and what your true powers are, you will never be married, you will be lonely, even if you have a woman in your life".

He told me "You must let me show you" and he raised his hand towards my head again, I backed away again. He said "ok, but I fear for you, you will be lonely and very hard on yourself, if I don't show you, You are one of us, This is your last chance to let me show you". I said, that's ok, I know who I am and I'm ok. Thanks but no thanks. He said "Ok, I let you go back to spending time with your friends", and he went back to his table and sat down.

Some time later someone came in and told me, "Your up, Playing Winners of Winners now. I said, Ok Thanks. As I was leaving, the man came over and asked if I was sure, If I wanted him to show me, I said No Thanks. He said "You may never know, but, maybe, in about 30 years, maybe we will see each other again and I can show you".

Now, Before all this, I was having a day, a day where Everything was going Perfect! My Foosball game was so on, I could close my eyes and catch the ball, I could Feel it! When I went back, I barely missed a pass, I got upset, and from there, it went down hill, and I lost, took 2nd place. Ever since that night, almost 30 years ago, I have always got 2nd place, in Everything. I get so close I can see my goals and touch them, but I never achieve them, for long.

I have never been married. Even worse, I met my Soul Mate. I can Honestly say this, because she was far better than my "dream Girl" my "Perfect Woman". How can someone be Better than you can Imagine. I was "Complete" with her in my life, I lost her. Even worse, when I was 5 years old, I literally had a Vision of her. After all these years, I finally realize what the man meant when he said "You're one of us", he meant a Complete loon! Lol.

Honestly, I need answers. Has anyone else ever been told "You are on of us" and let the person "Show" you? Can a Psychic tell me who and/or what he was? Is there a way to know if my Vision was from a "good" or "Bad" source?

Since, if you didn't get bored yet and are still reading, let me tell you about my Vision.

I was in first grade. I had a girl with brown hair come up to me and ask me, "Will you be my Boy Friend? I said Yes. A blonde said, "No, will you be my "Boy Friend" I said Sure. She said "No" you can only have one, which one do you want?". I asked if I could think on it and they said yes.

Later in class, I closed my eyes and prayed. I prayed to see who I would Marry, so I would not Hurt any girls along the way. I prayed for what seemed like 5 minutes, I opened my eyes and 45 minutes had gone by. This amazed me, so I closed my eyes and prayed again, kept asking to be shown, who I would spend my life with. It felt about 5 minutes had gone by, in reality it was another 15 minutes, I saw a Vision. I saw a Blonde, wearing all white, walking towards me on a beach. Well, 25 years later, A girl that worked in the mall that I managed a store for CapCom was at, walked in. She was wearing all white. That's when it hit me, it wasn't a beach in my Vision, I had only seen sand, no water. I was living in Palm Springs, Sand, Everywhere! She was my soul mate. It is impossible for to people to fit together like this. We both were "Better" people by being together and we both "Knew and could feel" when the other was "around".

Now, did I lose her because I refused to let the man show me that I was One of Them?

Can a Psychic sort this mess out?

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stardust77 (2 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-28)
Did you play with Ouija Boards before you met this guy?

Well, if it's me I'd take a risk and say Yes.
Even if things go wrong, I'd be able to find someone to help fix this up. Otherwise, I strongly believe in our inherent will power. There is always a way out of everything that happens to us, as my bosses love to say, "Nothing is impossible."

Besides, I believe demons don't really need verbal permission to take control of your body. If your thoughts are aligned with theirs, you will do what they want, whether you want it or not.:)
Silent_Bob (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-27)
My Instinct was to say No. Everything I know or have herd, told me he was Demonic. You can keep Demonic powers away from you and your home if you do not invite them in. I believe Tarot Cards and Ouija Boards, if brought into your house, allow demons to enter and interact with you.
He was asking permission, I waited for him to say in Christs name or something.
Also, after this had happened, I went back and told a friend. I ran my hand, 6 inches over his, and he Jumped back. He said, Oh My God that was hot. I seem to be able to do that, but I had no sense of my friends whole life, the way the man knew mine and I have never tried this again.
I think it has been about 32 years now, never saw "one of them" again.
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-27)
Trust your instincts always in matters like this. I have no idea who 'they' are, nor who you are, therefore, it is equally possible that you are one of 'them.'

But it is also possible you aren't. Be careful and trust in your own judgement. Have confidence. And don't rely on 'them' to fix your problems regardless. Do what you can, and hope for the best.

Good Luck.
Lili (111 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-26)
First, you said 'One of Them'. You said it with big letters for you and them which makes you the same. You probably did it unconsciously but it shows that you have respect for them and that you can't forget about them means something too. Why didn't you want to see? Like not much could have happen could it? But it was your decision.

Anyway, that man was right. I think you belonged with them not here, this is why your life here became bad. That man said that maybe he will come back in 30 years. When he comes back... Let him show you. Really, what have you got to lose?

But that's just my opinion.

I wish you good luck... And... Watch out.


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