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As a little girl I would feel things, like if someone would pass by my bedroom door while it was closed, I knew if it was my mother or father. I would wake-up in the morning and go to the window and look up at the sky and know what the weather was going to be like.

When I was 21yrs old I had four dreams back to back, I couldn't eat or sleep for those days. The first one was in black and white and it was a very close view of someone's hands crucified but their hands were above their head and the name plate had 4 or 5 letters on it and in the bac ground there was the 3 pyramids. The second one was a floating gold plate and as it is floating in the air it turns and I was able to look down on it. The plate turned into a 3D Picture of a man's face that died. The third one, I wasn't asleep, I was going to sleep and I closed my eyes and then I open them and in front of me was a floating sword witha beating heart in the middle and it had wings like a bird.

The fourth and last on, there was a girl she looked about to be 21yrs and she was at home with her baby boy and she was looking out the front door, it was dark outside but the feeling was it have been dark for a long time, you could hear people screaming and running around. Her feelings was that her son was very important and she had to protect him no matter what, as she went to close the door, a man walked up and she knew him and she asked him what did he want, her husband or boyfriend wasn't home. He told her he was there to see her because her husband killed his wife and he was there to kill her. She tried to talk him out of it but he said he had to, but her feeling was only to protect the baby boy, he had to live. The girl ran behind the couch with the baby under her and just before she took cover I became her and I felt everything she felt the love, the fright, and then I looked up to see the man and he placed the gun in my face and pulled the trigger and I heard it, it was loud and then I was awaken by the noise.

Years later, when I turned 28, I had my first child and it was a girl, when she turned 2yrs I looked at her and she looked just like the baby the girl was holding. Now I have a son and he is 2yrs and he looks just like that baby too.

When I was 29yrs, I went to bed one night and my mother was already asleep, as I was getting ready for bed I felt and heard a man come throu the front door and walk throu the house and down the hall, pass my room to my mother's room. I couldn't move, he felt tall about 5'8, 165 so his foot steps was heavy. I heard my mother in her room making a noise, and then I said momma and I felt the man turn around to come back down the hall but he stood in the dark parts of the hall and was waiting. Then I said momma and then she answered me and he was gone and I ran to her room and I asked her if she felt anything? She said she had a dream that a man came in her room and was grabbing at her and she was trying to scream but she couldn't (and that was the noise I heard) and then he stopped and looked back and smiled at her before he left.

I have one more. My grandfather was dying of prostate cancer and on 1-10-01 at 2:30am, he died. But before that I was feeling like something was wrong, like I was going to be hurt in a car or something. That night on 1-10-01 I worked late and I got home around 12:30am and my mother was up and my grandmother. My mother and I was up waiting to hear from the hospital about my grandfather and we did receive a call around 2:35am and they told us he was gone. I was sad but I told my mother "it isn't over, it's coming this way" she asked me "why? What's coming" I told her I didn't know but it's coming. She asked me "is it because grandma is sick?" I said "I don't know". She call grandma and she was OK, she was up since granddad died, but she was fine.

So later that day, at 6:30pm on 1-10-01, my mother went to take my grandmother, some food and when she got there with the food, grandma was dead on the kitchen floor. After all this, years later my mother asked me why did I say "it's not over it's coming this way" she wants to know why? And I don't know.

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hara (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-15)
...ur story is a bit interesting... My sis says its a bit weird... Just good luck,,, keep sending more stories... And more dreams to come...
kristy39 (3 stories) (34 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-13)
this was very sad. I am very sorry about your lost. Thanks for telling this. I wish I know what to say. I will tell you do have a gift.

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