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I actually stumbled upon this site and I'm glad I did. Since I can remember I have always felt that I have something in me that other don't have... I guess I'm trying to find out what that is. I have always been able to see and feel things (entities) and other people's emotions, this really confused me sometimes still does, I could not always figure out if it was my feelings or the other person's (imagine the mood swings). I'm getting better at that but is still learning.

I come from a very weird and wonderful family, almost everyone can either dream things and it comes true or they can see ghosts or something. I have always had the problem of ghost, demons whatever you want to name them, paralyzing me in my sleep. The thing is about 2-3 sec before they come I wake up (guess that is my body's alarm system kicking in) but the time was never long enough, so I'm not fully awake, but I know exactly what is going on.

While in high school these demons would come, at first they would just stand there and I could not quite make out if it was evil or not, I would not be able to move or speak or anything for that matter. But I know my mind was always active and I would ask them what they wanted, but would not receive a answer. It would come every night for a few days, getting darker each night from transparent to grey to black, the darker it got the closer it came.

The last night, it was almost halfway in my body (I could see it trying to enter my body) before I pushed it out. That was just one of many other experiences I have had, I'm 25 now so I have had a lot. I think I have also had a out of body experience once that a friend of mine said saved my life. Same thing happened, the thing would come, I'm not scared but don't like it when they paralyze me so I threw some salt and even went to sleep with my mother anyway. I woke up about a few sec before the thing came but not enough time, the thing basically turned my head away from my mother, folded my fingers into each other and placed it on my chest. I could not move. The black thing started from the foot of the bed moving upwards. I knew I had to get out of this but could not move or scream for help. I struggled and finally got my head facing my hands, which was on my chest but my hands could not move.

This is were the strange part comes in. I saw what I think is a second pair of hands coming out of my own and could clearly see and feel the index finger going into my mouth, I could feel the wetness of the inside of my mouth almost like it was unlocking my mouth and as soon as that was done, I could get out of the whatever you call it and the thing was gone. Once that was done I could move again, the thing was gone, so was the third hand.

I have a friend that says that I am a empath and also have other gifts but could not tell me what they are, so if there is someone out there that can help me with this I would be very grateful. This is just some of my experiences, but if I go on I will be sitting here until who knows when... I think my abilities are getting stronger.

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pinkbabe63 (guest)
15 years ago (2007-10-31)
woh!thts huge(read on) I might be psychic!
because I have dreams and visions that come true or sometimes there in code and then in real life I see things that remind me of my dream or vision and sometimes I hear voices are they ghosts or spirits? Am I psychic? If I am how could I make my psychic abilities stronger and better? Please write a comment to me to help! Please help! (just click on my name and write a comment on my page)
Abby (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-26)
Dear Abbey,

Thank you for your reply, and you are very much welcome. No need to shed a tear or two, it is but information and knowledge to be passed on. I am glad to have been of help and to have had the opportunity to pass it on to you and to other readers here on this lovely site as well. I feel I also owe you a thanks. Thank you for allowing me the chance to use your page as a platform to help you and others here. If you have any further questions and if I can be of assistance, you will find me here on this site or on the sister sites.

Blessings, Abby ❤
Abbey (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-25)
Thank you so much Abby! As I write this I am getting such a sense of peace,( my eyes even filled with a tear or two) thank you for your wisdom, I hope I can chat to you again,soon
A 😁
Abby (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-25)
Dear Abbey,

In regards to giving out an e-mail, I prefer my own personal privacy and do not give that out. You are welcome to find stories with my comments, suggestions and advice on them on this site and the other two sister sites. Please read many of the great stories, comments, well written articles and advice given here on these sites, and do try some of those suggestions that you feel you resonate with.

My first suggestion is to get to know yourself personally. Clean up your act and simplify your environment inside and out. Find your own faith or core of who you are and what you stand for and then let the research and learning begin. I believe in responsibility and if you wish to know more about a subject or about yourself then be responsible and do the hard work to find the answers and solutions that best fit your personal inner questions and freely chosen belief system.

If you think or believe you are a psychic, intuitive, sensitive, a medium and so forth, find out everything you can about these subjects through every resource available to you (net, books, tapes, CD's, library, groups, all media, people you know about who are in the media or public eye, to people who you personally know to strangers you may be sensitive to or feel drawn to who may help you on your knowledge and spiritual self awareness quest.

The stronger you are and forearmed with the knowledge you need to resolve and confirm those questions that you desire answers for; the more you will learn how to draw your own boundaries, face your own personal fears and keep those who wish to cause you harm away from you and your personal space whether in your regular daily life or in your paranormal life.

With each step you take upon your spiritual awareness journey, you will find that the information will begin coming from any and all places and teachers. Be skeptically open and be aware. Use all of your senses, as well as your common sense. The best time to implement your abilities is to always implement them and incorporate them into your life, especially when you are finding your own spiritual level of awareness. Many times the answers you seek upon your journey are not meant to meet your expectations, but to teach you more about what you truly need to know about yourself, your journey, your fears, your self doubt and your personal abilities. It is a journey of trust, to trust what is given to you to be the correct answer or solution for your own best interest and the best interest of others.

I would suggest finding out about how others with same or similar abilities handled them. You may wish to go to your public library and check out books about psychics, intuitives and mediums. There are names of some here on this site you may wish to start out with.

Let me stress that it is my belief that we are all psychic, intuitive, sensitive and go on our gut feelings whether we are male or female. We are just at different levels of awareness.

Keeping a journal of your journey may be very helpful too. You can write down all your experiences and have a record of it, as well as using the journal as a tool to cleanse your chattering mind of random and profound thoughts. Many times you may even find your own personal answers in your writings or have great and useful light bulb ideas or moments.

Well, it is late for me and I will close this comment reply. I hope I have been of some help and that you will try some of the suggestions.

Blessings, Abby ❤

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