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Hello everyone. What I am about to write is a compilation of different experiences that I have had. There are some that I only want to share, and then there are others that I want answers to. I have realized that almost all of them happened in my bed room(s). I will begin with one from my childhood. I must have been between the age of 4 or 5. I was living in Greece at that time. I remember being in my old room, and seeing people surrounding my bed (both men and women). They looked like they meant no harm. I doubt they were angels.

A few years later... as a teenager I recall waking up because my stereo was on. I would go to close it, but it would not shut off. I would unplug it, and it would still be on. My only choice was to turn the volume to mute in order for me to sleep. This happened numerous of times. Was someone trying to tell me something?

Later that same year, as I was getting ready to fall asleep I was listening to the Eagles "Hotel California". It was actually my first time listening to it. I got into it but as I was listening along I had an uneasy feeling. I saw shadows although the room was lit. It could have been my imagination. I'm not sure what exactly happened, and I still cannot explain it to this day.

Somehow the next day or the day after my friends brought up the song in the conversation. Before I go on I want to explain that these were girls were born and brought up in a small island in Greece. Any thing from America fascinates them... So that is how we got into the conversation. As we were all talking about it... One of them mentioned that the song was notorious for having subliminal messages about satan worshiping. I decided to tell them my experience while listening to it the previous night. They did not seem to believe me. My ex boyfriend had once told me that the song is about a ghost - if I am not mistaken (I have not really paid attention to the lyrics). My question is, did I experience this because my imagination went wild while listening to the lyrics? Did this happen because there really are subliminal messages behind the lyrics? Or did any entities decide to visit me that night?

Another experience of mine took place when I was twenty-two. I must have been between the state of being awake and asleep. Then again I do not know. I was supposedly waking up and I saw a man (a good looking one I would like to add) smiling at me while setting me on the bed. Although this may seem a little sexual in nature... For me it was by no means that way. I was frightened because to me there was a stranger in my room. I left my room, and went to the kitchen. I did not return until day break. Whoever this was, he followed me because I experienced this once again not long after - but in a different house. Who was he? What was he doing with me while I was "out"?

Two years later I was sleeping over my then fiance's apartment. I recall waking up about 6 o'clock in the morning. Something behind me leaned over and whispered to my ear "Be careful", I turned around, and I saw a woman between me and my then fiance. I saw her there for a few seconds, and then she vanished. I do not know if this was real or not, but what I do know is that it was a warning message.

The following year I got married. My life was completely changed for the worst getting married to this person. One night in our bed room while I was having chest pains due to stress, I looked behind at the wall (which was a mirror behind the head board, the room was fairly lit). I saw a face of a girl crying. It looked as if someone had drawn the face with their finger - like finger marks. Was this some kind of a manifestation of my feelings? Or was it something else?

This is all I can write right now. Can someone help me with all these questions? I would like to hear from you.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-22)
I'm a greek orthodox christian like you, we have a strong and pure religion, and when you have problems, demonic or otherwise, tell your priest! Confess your sins, and have holy comunion at least 3 or 4 times a year. And invite the priest to sprinkle your house and family with holy water. You know, russian and greek orthodox missionary priests in africa, work MIRACLES with the natives, even when catholic priests can't do anything! Strange but true! Africans frequently get possessed/oppressed, harassed and sick by demons, because everyone worships spirits, and does black magic. The leader of every tribe, is also a sorcerer/majician, who controls his villagers by the fear of his magic. But all the villagers run to the orthodox priests, to protect and cure them, because they are stronger than the magicians! LOL! One sorcerer/black magician, became an orthodox christian, like many other magicians, and before he confessed his sins, he told the priest, 'if I touch someone's clothes, I can make them sick!', and the priest said: 'go ahead, touch my clothes, what can you do to me?', and the sorcerer said: ' I CAN'T TOUCH YOU! YOU ORTHODOX PRIESTS ARE ALL ON FIRE! I'll lose my powers!'...WOW! If you want, visit a website of a greek orth. Priest in Sierra-Leonne, Africa. His heart is so big, they call him 'the greek mother Tereza'! His name is father Themi. He's opened schools, an orphanage, clinics, old age home, feeds and houses the sick and poor! Visit the website: 'PK4A.COM'. God bless!
Walkingparadox (1 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-19)
That's very interesting about listening to Hotel California and getting that vision since there's a lot of rumored infamy about the song being about satan which isn't literally true. The songwriters intentions weren't meant for it to sound that way either. I for one think its lyrics hold a sort of enchanting symbolic imagery that holds great meaning. I personally like indulging in dark mysterious meanings behind it because it is such an emotive song that feels like it could possibly have the potential to mean so many things at once.

As for the warnings signs with your husband, you seem like a very fortunate person to be able to experience a forewarning in order to be more prepared in your waking life.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-26)
I have had that happened to me when I'm listening to my music the volume turns down by itself. The door also shakes by itself. Its happened to my computer my computer be off and there be colourful patterns moving on the screen so freaky. My light has flickered when it can't cause its a touchable light and it can't stay on the same shade. Its got 3 and every time you touch it it goes off and then 3 shades. So its impossible to flicker and stay on one shade. I've woken up finding a ghost which looked real a human ghost looking straight at me smiling.
banshee (3 stories) (21 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-26)
Sounds like you have some talent as a medium. Spirits have been known to mess with electronic things like your stereo. It shouldn't be a problem unless they won't leave you alone. In my experience that happens because they use your psychic energy to manifest. In other words, you wouldn't be seeing them if you weren't a medium. That means you have the power. I like to light a candle, remind them that they're dead and invite them to leave, they really do have better things to do than bother you. If it's a message, listen. As to the Hotel California, actually they were talking about how hard it is to escape the drug scene if you want to be a musician in California. At first it seems cool, right? Then you're addicted and it's hard to stop and your agents and producers and friends, the people you depend on to make music, are all doing it too. No satanic messages, just the story of their experience, the party may be endless, but the fun isn't.


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