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Psychic When Grieving?


I seem to have some empathic, and precognitive abilities when I am in a state of emotional distress. Only when I am grieving or about to lose a loved one.

I have an extremely close connection to animals. I can understand them and exist on their plane so to speak. I have many pets of different species and love them like children.

A few days ago I fell very ill. I missed work, had to stay home. I got an e-mail from my mother saying her dog Kobi was sick. The next day I felt like I had a bad fever, I was delirious and could hardly stand up. I called in sick for work again. I laid down on my bed with Anabelle, my little toy poodle and rubbed her ears. Suddenly I felt calm, peaceful, ok and happy. I had the urge to call my mom. It was 8 am, not a time I usually call. When she answered she was crying. Our pup Kobi had just slipped away. We were not expecting him to die at all, he had died within two days of us realizing he was not feeling well.

I cried gut wrenching sobs for hours. I would stop for a few minutes before thinking of something that would set me off again. It was weird that I was at home, not feeling sick physically anymore, but completely broken emotionally.

Since my parents were divorced, I had to call my Dad and tell him the news. He was devastated. My dad was pretty much alone, and had not seen Kobi for awhile. I was overtaken with the need to find him a dog of his own. It had to be a Schnauzer that was not a puppy, that fully trained, just needing a home.

The hunt kept me from crying, I was sure I was doing the right thing. I found one little dog who looked ok.

I started thinking this was a bad idea when I found an ad, that had been posted in the wrong category. A family had to get rid of their little pooch because their son had health issues.

He looked kind of like Kobi, was everything we wanted, came equipped, was fixed, basically a shot in the dark. I called and went right over. The dog was familiar, more than just the same breed as Kobi. This was somebody I loved. No doubt part of my family, I felt it strongly. I took him home. It had been only a few hours.

My Dad came to get him, and it was love at first sight. Dad has since been obsessed with caring for the pup, spoiling him rotten and showing him off. He is retired so I mean all his time is now revolving around this dog. He gushes about him. He isn't sad, lonely, or bored anymore.

I know it was a good decision and I think it might have saved my Dad's life. He had been depressed and spent some time in the hospital.

Then I look, I went out and bought a dog the day my dog died. My sister accused me of trying to replace Kobi. Who does that? I don't do that, yet I was completely convinced this dog belonged to my Dad. I have a feeling he was sent to me, and I think it was Kobi. I feel like Kobi wanted to help my Dad before he left.

You hear stories about humans appearing to their loved ones right after they pass, but dogs.

I don't know if I am just in shock over Kobi's death and trying to see things that aren't there. I got sick in sympathy, really sick. I knew the moment he died and felt relief. Then I became obsessed with his dying wish, to see my Dad happy, his master, who was all alone.

This is not the first time this has happened. When I discovered my rabbit died, I had a premonition. I was standing in the kitchen. I had the thought, "What will you do with Lindor's body?" I stopped in my tracks. WTF? Her BODY? I ran to her cage and she was dead. Something told me.

I was once assaulted by an ex, and within a few days while I was still crying, my attacker got hit by a car.

This only happens at the hardest times.

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PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
10 years ago (2011-09-01)
Syrinx I've not found it uncommon to get a dream, or vision of an impending death of a pet.
You were reading the energy around pets before them passing over, and connected to the symptoms they experienced when ill.

My self and my husband have both grieved for our pets
And yes they do feel like family, for they love us

I only believe the tie is felt because we share and enchange energy with our pets, so when the tie is broken on the phyical plane we feel it physically.
Our pets are spirit and physical as we are.

Sorry for your loss

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