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My nephew Braiden has recently passes away in June of this year (2011). He was killed in a car accident at 18 months old.

Braiden was in a vehicle with my brother Scott and my Aunt Missy. They were on their way to pick me up for my grandmother's funeral when they slid in gravel and flipped their car causing it to slam into a tree and for baby Braiden to be killed in his car seat in the back. The car was towed to a local impound lot, it was to me transported to Cincinnati, Ohio a week later where my brothers insurance company is. The owner of the lot was leaving work two nights after the wreck and notices the vehicles headlights were on so he went to turn them off and he also unhooked the battery, 4 hours later the lights came back on. That let me know that Braiden was letting us know he was here. At his funeral we sang his favorite song to him which was written by his aunt. For the past several months I have been hearing the song over and over and over and feeling anger when I heard it. I went to his grave and sang the song to him while cleaning up his plot and I started to feel as if he was with me and happy. Now the song in my head has stopped and when I think of him I feel joy. It was as if he wanted to be sang to and he was telling me to do it.

I feel somewhat guilty for baby Braiden's death because Scott and I were out late the night before the funeral and If we wouldn't have been I wouldn't have been where I was and they wouldn't have been coming to pick me up and Braiden would still be alive. I believe that God has a plan for all of us and that when he wants you he will take you to be with him in Heaven. I try to tell myself that nothing that I could've done would have stopped Braiden's death that it would have happened where ever he was at the time when Jesus called him, but I also feel like it connected me to him because when he was put into that car he was told where he was going and he knew he was coming to get me. The morning of the accident I woke up and before I knew about the wreck I felt like something was wrong and that I needed to turn on my phone and as soon as I did it rang with a frantic call saying that I needed to get to them now. I don't know how to interpret my feelings or premonitions. Sometimes I don't even realize I have them until it is too late. I don't know what to make of my experience with Braiden, and I am hoping for some guidance.

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Mysticcrystal (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-01)
I'm very sorry for your loss. I felt compelled to read this post, although the title of the post told nothing of what this post might be about. It broke my heart and made me cry. I can only imagine how horrible it is to lose a child. I am a mother of two boys and my heart bleeds for the parents of Braiden. I felt a connection with this post. Earlier, after reading the post I
Picked up my son from preschool. While walking towards the classroom, all of a sudden, I heard a Dad call his son, "Braiden! Braiden!"
I knew I had to do a reading for this child. I am an intuitive tarot card reader and a medium. Braiden was called by God because it is his time. His parents were given the wonderful opportunity to love and to know him even for a short while. He moved to the light already and is very happy where he is at, with God. I could feel him playing in the meadow. There is so much light and brightness in this place and he is very content. I feel that he is called to transform into something greater. I don't know if humans can turn into angels after they pass. But this is what I'm getting. Maybe depending on your religion, it could also be reincarnation. Does braden's favorite song relates to a butterfly? Do not blame yourself about this. It is not your fault. God has a plan for everyone. Braden has a higher calling. I hope I was able to help.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-31)
I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your nephew Braiden. I know that you are suffering emotional distress because of it. But, it was a accident. You did not cause it. And, I believe that Braiden put the lights on the car to let all of you know that he was still there. Singing his favorite song was a beautiful idea. It sort of calmed his spirit and helped put him to rest. He is happy and at peace now. It's because you feel joy each time that you think of him. Please try hard to not let those guilty feelings fester within you. Concentrate on Braidens joyous spirit instead. Besides, I don't think Braiden would approve of you allowing those things to fester either. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss.

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