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My Ongoing Story


I am new to this site and feel a connection with some of the stories I have read so far. I feel as if I have been intuitive since I was a child. I always seemed able to sense things. It is really hard to put into words though.

Most of my experiences have been having dreams and then realizing they have come true, after the fact. I had specific dreams when I was about 12. I had a recurring dream of the inside of a house I was visiting and talking with people there. I did not remember their faces but knew if they were male or female. This dream kept recurring at least once a week for around 3 years. I eventually forgot about it.

When I turned 17, I met the boy I would marry. Shortly after we were married we visited his uncle and aunt's house. I knew when I was walking around the corner into the bedroom that I was about to see this room I had dreamed about. The events happened just as I had dreamed years before. I didn't tell anyone then. I was married to that man for nearly 20 years and we had 3 children.

I have had lots of dreams that came true within 24 hours but I didn't realize they were premonitions until they came true.

I had a particular dream concerning grandparents that had gone on that were holding an infant in a blanket. An hour later we received news of a nieces baby dying during the night. I truly felt I had this dream for the comfort of the family. I did tell of this dream after it happened. I hope it brought the comfort and reassurance they needed.

In my life I have gone through the traumatic deaths of a nephew (4-wheeler accid.) and the death of my daughter who was struck by a drunk driver 5 years ago. She was 17 at the time. During that time we (my ex-husband, my husband, and one of my sons) experienced several super-natural events.

We know and believe that God allowed/caused these events for our comfort and peace. My faith has been strengthened and I feel there is so much spirituality within us that can be utilized to help others.

I was visited in a dream (well 2) by my daughter after her death. The first one was within about 3 weeks after her funeral. I was quite distraught but coping. I began waking up during the night at precisely 3:15am; every night. Each night I could feel an electricity all around me. About the fourth night I was really wanting for something to happen although I didn't know what it was. My oldest, a son, had gotten leave and was home from Iraq. He and I both woke up to the sound of the doorbell ringing at 4:30 am. I had already been up at 3:15 and went back to sleep. We both jumped up at the same time and went to the door. No one was there. We both said, "Maegen" at the same time and laughed, knowing it was her. (There is some other things that happened to us concerning a doorbell I will get to later about the little ghost man me and my kids experienced in a rent house a year before these events. It was a running joke about the man ringing the doorbell.)

Anyway, I thought the doorbell ringing was "my sign" from her I had been waiting on, so I returned to bed. I have a dresser on the same side of my bed, but a few feet toward the end of the room. It has a large mirror on it. I was asleep, then awake, (the kind where you can see but you don't know if your eyes are open or not?) Well, I could see my daughter in the mirror with her arms actually folded across the bottom, peering around looking at me and smiling. (My daughter had a most unusual zest for life and was always getting into mischief in one way or another. Everyone loved her. They were like magnetized to her. I always had the feeling when she was little that she had almost too much life about her in ways. It is hard to explain but she just was a beautiful and very much alive soul.

After I saw her in the mirror I seemed to be having this dream and in it she was leaning over me as I was looking at a photo album. She told me to keep looking at the pictures and that she would come back sometimes and visit but she had to go for now. I woke up after that. I had another dream when I was really missing her and she had a woman with her. Neither one looked at me but I got to put my hands on her and feel her for a minute. I had so much peace after that. I feel they were of heaven and the woman was her "chaperone" maybe to make sure she didn't break any rules. I just know Maegen sat very still with her hands at her sides and I was the only one who could do the touching. This was like communicated to me without any words spoken.

I feel my daughter around a whole lot. It has been more than 5 years and since my oldest son got a rare form of cancer and went to be with God 2 years ago. He was always very intuitive about Jesus. Since he was 3 or 4 years old. He had what I would say was an old spirit. He said when he was sick that he knew he was going to Heaven and be in God's army and would be fighting for Him against the Devil. I believe he knew what he was talking about. He passed when he was 23.

I haven't had any dreams with him. I don't feel his presence like I do his sisters. (I wish I did though).

I have had a couple of experiences with ghosts, entities.

I was looking at a house once to buy for my company. I was there with the owner and her dad. I walked down a hallway and definitely walked through a mist. It hit my face and arms as I walked through it. I couldn't see it though. It was really weird as I had never experienced this kind of thing before. This was appx 7 years ago. I didn't say anything at the time but about 30 minutes later the owner was telling us about some paranormal activity they had experienced in their house they were building next to this one.

My kids and I lived in a rent house for a couple of years before I remarried. Right after we moved there the doorbell kept ringing. Day and night at random times. My son was always really intuitive and scared of the unseen. He took the doorbell apart and split the wires and taped them with electric tape. The ringing stopped. For about a

Week. We were all there sitting around and the doorbell starts ringing. It freaked him out as me and my daughter laughed saying the ghost was mad at him for messing with his doorbell. It kept ringing without stopping for about 30 seconds. We yelled we were sorry and it stopped and never rang again. My daughter said she saw the ghost one night walk by her in the living room. She thought it was her little brother then looked and she said he was a little old man with a bald head. I was up early one morning around 4:30 making lunch for the boyfriend to take to work. I heard four steps walking up the hall and a voice that said, "mama". I didn't look up at first as I thought it was my boyfriend. It said, "mama", again closer to me and tears started streaming down my face as I realized no one was there. I knew we had a ghost but didn't expect to hear from it.

Probably the strangest thing that ever happened to me was in that house and I was alone in the house. I was asleep in my bed and was awakened by this un-godly screaming in my ear. I felt the breath too. It was against my ear. It scared the be-jeezes out of me and that was the only time I really felt uncomfortable and scared in that house.

I know I sense things, dream things, feel things, and even see things. Sometimes I probably don't realize they are happening. I want to learn how to channel these things. I want to learn more about communicating with whatever is inside me and learn how to use it, if I am supposed to.

Question: Is 3:15 a specific supernatural time? I seem to wake

quite a lot at precisely that time. Just wondering if significant with anything.

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Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-18)

First of all I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your son and daughter. I just wanted you to know that I experience the same thing with the bell. Before my dad passed I asked him to give me a sign that he is ok. Well about 5 months after his death the house bell starts ringing at all times in the day and night. No one was there each time. I disabled the bell until I could get a new one. In that time the bell rang again a few more times. It was then that I knew that it was dad just giving me a sign that he is ok. He still rings the bell on occasion but I always say "hi Dad" and let it go after that. And I think the one who said "mama" was your son. Most times the spirits are active during the night. They are more free to roam around the places. Humans are asleep and less likely to hear or see them. Also, I have other loved ones who have past visit me and do signature things. That's how I know who they are each time. I'm grateful for their visits for the most part. The spirit who screamed in your ear is my only concern for you. Maybe it is a spirit who feels that you are not hearing what she has to say. Or maybe it is a spirit who has lived there and does not want any humans inhibiting her/his house. I myself have met two of these when I was searching for a new home years back. The realtor only told me that they both have recently passed in their houses after I ran out of the house at breakneck speeds. All I heard was GET OUT! And I was outta there.
I'm sorry that you had to experience so much hurt in your life. Just so you know, your loved ones spirits are always around looking in on you from time to time. Take care and I wish you some happiness to take the burden off of your heavy heart.
jems2504 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-17)
Thanks all, I respect every comment and take each into thoughtful consideration. The 2 dreams with my daughter were both within 5 months of her death and I haven't had any of those since. And yes, she was VERY strong willed. She always had such a presence of herself and I feel that's why everyone seems to have had some reaction/experience with her. With that said, I have my faith in God and I know he is in control. Of ALL things so I know they are alright.
I saw my son given several of his hearts desires before he passed from this earth and I know God favored/favors him very much. I am sure that whatever he is doing up there it is of the will of God. I and my family are at peace and that is the most wonderful feeling. Thanks, I will keep posting if I have "events". I really would like suggestions on how I may channel my "sense" better. Bless you All.~
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-17)
[at] PathR
That's another good way of looking at it! It makes a lot more sense.

[at] monty
No offense, however, I strongly believe it's all within one's perspective of reality. Sure, it could be really hard to join God in one's viewpoint, yet in another's it could be a lot easier and actually will be...supposedly. This is all in theory, of course. I have heard many accounts in the States about going into the beyond and back, or dying and coming back to life again. During these incidents, while the body is dead, the mind leaves and goes through a series of special events in which the individual experiences seeing God/Jesus and loved ones on the other side. This is reinforced by PathR's take on it. But the whole thing about perspectives is that what matters most is what you experience yourself and what you find to be self-evident rather than what others say. Still, it's nice to recieve advice and opinions from an outside source, I think. So, to wrap it all up: It's all in how you look at it, right?
monty (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-17)
Hi Jems, Must admit its one hell of a story. A great experience. But I wanted to bring couple of things to your attention and you may not like it. You daughter visiting you in dreams is not a good sign. Its also not safe for you. If she continues to visit you then you must tell her to go away or else she could be stuck in this world until you leave your body. Its not safe because she could be desperate to be with you and may not think twice before taking you with her. That explains why she had the chaperon with her. I hate to say this but your son is not in God's army, its quite frankly not that easy to be with God. To be with God someone needs to be that special or in fact very very special. The reason you haven't sensed your son is probably he has taken birth somewhere or is choosing to stay away.
From 12. 00 midnight until 4.00 A.M the spirit world is active. They do not like the daily traffic and noise we cause. During that time it calms down and hence they start to become active. Your veil is thin and hence the communication is easy around that time but again they can be active anytime they want to and also communicate with you if they choose to.

PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-17)
jems2504 in the Christian theme: 2-3 is the
Time the spiritual veil is thin.

With other beliefs the hours can be 10pm
Through 3am for spiritual activity.

When myself or my husband have had family
Cross over. In their life they proved to have
Been very strong willed.
Psychic ability does not seem to be a factor.

Another item to note is that our deceased loved
Ones are aware of our sorrow, unions as marriage,
Deaths they can cross over to let us know we are
Not alone. But with these events
Our Free will which can't be violated.
Loved ones can only support us.

The binding force: Love is the
Bridge that crosses over to the living.

Now from a christian sense, in Revelations,
It speaks about incense going up.
The incense are peoples prayers.
This is our conscious sending up situations, issues
From the heart, problems we are dealing with.
So it is no wonder our deceased loved ones know what
Is going on in our world.

Good journey
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-16)
Wow that part about the screaming in your ear would scare the crap out of me too! Sometimes I go to bed hoping that something like that doesn't happen, to be honest lol. Anyways, 3:00 AM is the usual time that spirits are more active and paranormal activity occurs. I don't know why. It could be perhaps that the moon attracts more of their attention rather than the sun. Or it could be that our night-time is their day-time. Who knows. I've never really had any paranormal encounters in my life except for a couple and one was around this time in the morning. I had a demonic-looking spirit on my bed, watching my body as I slept. I was out-of-body and could see him crawling onto my body and I was terrified of him trying to entice me to follow him or something. He even looked at my out-of-body self and grinned a wide sharp-toothed smile. It was pretty scary!

Well, hope this helps and be careful since you do sound to be very tuned to the spiritual vibrations around you.


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