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He Watches Me


Hey it's me, well in my first story I talked about me seeing the future but for some reason I don't have my dreams of the future any more. Lately I have been seeing ghosts or shadows. I'm am currently 15 and I have not seen a ghost since I was around ten. It kind of scares me because one day he (at least what I feel is a he) attacked me. Another thing "he" likes to do is walk back and forth in front of my room in my hall way. Unfortunately "he" has now come to into the corner of my room because I close my door now. I was wondering what I can do to make him stop. My dad and stepmom doesn't believe me. Should I contact him? I will explain the experience I had.

Around 2 months ago my stepmom and dad went to go out for a drink with friends, I was left with my baby sister. I decided since it was late out I would go to bed. So I went to bed and about 10 minute later I heard two loud banging noises on my door, I screamed go away and I heard it again. I got up opened my door and got a hiking stick my grandpa got me and sat on our couch. I got really scared because I am left alone in this huge house, then suddenly I heard faint talking between two men. I ran to my bathroom shut the door and attempted to call my dad but he and my stepmom wouldn't pick up (mind you that I have low battery so my cell was going to die in about 4 min.). Luckily my blood mom called me and told me she had this feeling that I was unsafe and she wanted to check on me, (I go to my dad's on the weekends). I cried telling her that something supernatural is in my house and she told we to calm down. I then told her the man is walking again, walking outside my bathroom door pacing. Finally my dad called me telling me they're going to be home in 2 minute as soon as I walk out the bathroom door I got scratched. I told my dad everything but he told me the pounding was the washing machine, the voices could have been a toy going off, and the walking could have been our cat. This broke my heart, he knows that in the past I was sensitive to this.

In case you were wondering my sister was a sleep this whole time, un- effected.

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