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Before I start, I have to say that it's a real blessing to have found this site and be able to share my story with the potential of my story to be heard!

I am eighteen, a male and for the past couple of months or so, (I would say 3-4) I have been on a real major struggle to find my self. Just recently, I have been deemed a medium, although I have had a strong sense to having some sort of psychic specialty, which would be mainly an empath already, but now it's seemingly official. On top of all of that I have been brought to the attention of finding the "key to the universe" inside my self, which all of us have, and that is the Pure Awareness, our true Source, our Divine Creation that is within us all. However, the irony to that is having many issues of fear, particularly social anxiety, but the funny thing about that is that it's mainly dealing with people I know well, including my parents. With people I don't know, I feel less of a burden to say this, or to do that, which then takes away the feeling of pressure to feel like I have to perform in front of them, in comparison to good friends and family. I have a real problem looking people in the eye, once again, mainly people I know well. It is either a strong deeply routed fear of intimacy, or it may be because I can almost hear, or see and feel what the other person is thinking in their head, but, that may be a lie to my self to cover the fear of intimacy. I wish I could explain this in person to all who will hopefully read this, because talking it out would be so much easier! Lol. Through out my whole life, I have always felt that I have always been on a quest to find a perfect mate, a perfect relationship and someone who completely understands me, and I feel I am gradually losing to what I once thought about friends that were classified as my best friends, a connection that I feel no longer is there. It doesn't really make me sad, it is kind of inspiring, knowing that there may be newer, more exciting and cooler people to meet upon my adventure of a life that I have hahaha! And it's all exciting.

Besides all this, I have always had a strong sense of connection to nature, as I LOVE TREES! The shape, the form, the presence, it's all wonderful! There has always been a sense of longing to nature and sometimes I wish I could just leave this whole world and it's corrupt system and live in nature with the animals. Speaking of nature, I have to thank Source and my self (which is all part of Source) to be born in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., and have the mountains and nature all around me! To any and all that have read this, thank you very much! If there are any psychics that are reading this, if you could, which be really awesome too do a reading on me and see what you feel and get about me. I have always wanted that, it would so awesome to have that happen. I'd love to see what you'd get.

Anyways guys, cheers, this has been great! Love to all!

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tsubasa_tenshi (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-03)
Hey! I just recently read you story and I can also kind of relate to it. I had supernatural/spiritual situations happening to me since I could remember and I also am going on a journey to find myself as an individual. I loved nature since I was a little child, everything about it was almost magical and I have felt this endearing connection to trees, animals, even the wind! You're not alone, I think some people have felt this sense of closeness before. I can't exactly say that I'm a 100% psychic but I have felt "something" beyond this world that I can't truly explain. And in itself, it's wonderful and scary at the same time. To tell you the truth, I can truly relate to the fact that I'm also seem to be searching for my perfect mate (took me a while to realize that) and I slightly perceive other people emotions, which is a problem since I have a serious case of social anxiety. However, instead of feeling uncomfortable with family and friends, I can't hold a decent conversation with strangers without having to avoid looking into their eyes. Sorry for the long message, but I wish you luck on your search. 😳
USA19032 (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-02)
How's it going buddy? I'm 21 and I have yet to find myself either. I can relate to you though. I get almost like a euphoric feeling when I look trees, flowers etc. Almost like a mystical feeling. After a session with a ''medium'' I found out, in my past life I helped the Indians. That I was in a war and there was a flood and I had a blew uniform on. She kept seeing me at a pond with lots of trees around and I was looking at myself through the water. Needless to say, I feel a connection with nature and especially birds. I know I was someone in my past life. I always feel spirits present around me. And it's the most awesome feeling in the world.

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