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I know I might sound weird but ever since we moved into my house (ITS FREAKING HAUNTED) that was when I was like 5 I didn't like it it freak me out! At first only I saw thing oaky like faces, shadows and footsteps. Then I started getting weir dream about things and they would happen within a week! From where my mom is from they say if you pregnant (english isn't my native tongue sorry) and you hear a baby cry at night and nobody wakes you up your child will be a psychic. As you may guess my mom heard me cry! I'm an only child so there's no way it could have been anybody else. I told my mom when I saw something or someone but my dad was always saying it was unnatural or something. Unfortunately they have almost stopped and I would really like to know if I really am a psychic? Can you become one if it went away? Can I save my psychic abilities?

My mom may also be a psychic because when she sees a person like for example... Mitt Romney she can look at him and see his future in his plan to run for president in her mind or before her eyes, then she'll say something like He won't be president and Ironically IT WILL happen! (She's 48) (I'm neutral this election just in case your wondering) what is a third eye? Does religion or spirituality more? Any comment suggestions would help thank you all for your help! Please note that any sarcastic or rude remarks won't help. Do you by any chance know any good psychics in the Nevada area?

Thanks, Elizabetta (liz993)

*note* this is my first story

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Noorh (2 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-13)
at the start of me becoming a psychic I heard a baby crieng whenever I asked someone they say the didn't hear anything I think this is your start goodluck

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