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Subconscius Reenactment


I am a teenage girl and I've had paranormal/psychic experiences since I was a child. Back then, these experiences never alarmed me, even when I found out that the house I used to live in was haunted by a male ghost. Of course, as an eight years-old child during the time, I was pretty freaked out, but never weird-out or confused about the occurrence. It was later on when I finally noticed strange things in my life.

My mom always said that I was a special girl, but I didn't think my family knew how "special" I really was when I started to tell them that really strange and unusual stuff was happening. Naturally, my family brushed it off as me being my typical unusual and imaginative self, even though I kept insisting that I felt something off about the house.

For example, there was a day when I was playing and goofing off when I suddenly decided to play a prank on my mom and sister. So, I slowly dragged and stomped upstairs before collapsing unto the hallway floor and played dead for a few minutes while glancing into a room adjacent to me (while gazing at my mom's back). After a while, I decided that the joke was totally dumb and I finally picked myself up and went back downstairs. That doesn't sound too strange does it? However, I found my mom in the same position on the same area of the floor, looking into the room across from her. She had later revealed to me that she couldn't pick herself up as if something was holding her down. Of course, I would have thought she was really tired during the time and that she didn't have the strength to remove herself from the carpet floor.

Yet, I just knew that there was more to it then that. So, I did some research on the house by asking previous neighbors about the history of our house and they revealed that the house used to have a lot of addicts, drug-dealers, and prostitutes living there. They also revealed that there were countless police raids of the house and someone had actually murdered. Someone had actually died inside our house! Finally, I concluded that the spot that me and my mom had fell and laid at was probably the spot the man had died in and we had probably subconsciously reenacted the event. I believed that the house wasn't just haunted because someone died in the house, but also because of the past traumas and negative experiences that happened. And such negativity had decided to remain.

I may not know if I'm a complete one-hundred percent psychic, but I can say I had some crazy experiences in my life.

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Krislove (65 posts)
8 years ago (2012-10-31)
Wow, this reminds me of my oldest brother. He was sort of psychic but he committed suicide in a house we used to rent. We later found out that he was the fourth victim to suicide in that house. Of course he had his own problems and he was always emotional but the fact was that the room he was sleeping in had two previous suicide and there was someone else who suicide in the dinning room. I'm not saying this is the only factor but it was possibly a moment of weakness added to the stuck energy within the house that really did him in.

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