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vitoria (guest)
14 years ago (2007-12-05)
i have those kinds of dreams all the time. Sometimes couple of times a week. The most advance dream that I had was 2 years before it happend. It was my ex boyfriends house and I hadnt even met him yet. Then when we started going out and he took me to his house I knew where everything was! I think he was kind of creeped out.
Alex -Toronto (guest)
14 years ago (2007-12-02)
I get these dreams too, its either I usually I don't remember anything or what I remember happens. They have been happening since I was at-least 13 and I am pretty sure my first dream I remember was about me being at this front desk with these low lights hanging above the desk, I remember looking up and remembering how low they actually were in the dream. Then the person behind the desk gave me this white card that only had this black square in the upper right conner. About 2 weeks later my mom had joined a new gym that had the front desk with very low lights. The card the person gave me was a membership card with a black and white picture of me in the upper right conner. Ever since that dream I have noticed that they happen very often but like yours the time varies from days to months, sometimes they don't happen or sometimes I can notice the situation I am in and I watch it play out before it happens. The most recent dream I remember that has happened was about me sitting at the top of this stadium and I remember looking to my left and remembering the advertising on the wall of bank. About a month later I went to my first bills game and I sat in the upper-bowl and saw the bank advertisement that is above the box seats, if anybody reading has been to Ralph Wilson Stadium you know what I'm talking about. This is the first I have really ever researched this and I am just wondering what this all is suppose to mean?
KimW (guest)
14 years ago (2007-11-18)
I have had these sort of dreams since I was quite small. Now I know how to recognize them when they happen. They occur randomly and sometimes can seem quite arbitrary like a random scene from some future point in time. Most often these dreams are about places I have yet to have been at or people I do not yet know and sometimes these dreams will start years before the actual event. I will have several dreams that include the same people and the same place or someplace close to the usual place.

I usually recognize these people, not immediately upon meeting them, but soon after. What is so creepy is that moment when the scenes begin playing themselves out as if scripted from my dreams. I usually recognize that occurrence within seconds of the start of it. It is the familiar feel - that Deja Vu sense that strikes and I immediately freeze - Identify the event to myself (I stopped mentioning it to other people because I am tired of being looked at like I should be institutionalized!).

Most of these events are so arbitrary and generally have little significance. I have sort of interpreted them as a sort of "road sign" that let's me know that I am on course for something...

I have seen my husband and kids in my dreams since long before I ever met my husband or even had children. Those dreams jump back and forth in time, they are non-sequential when they occur. Some are a couple weeks before they happen and some of the first dreams (those that repeat in the sequence of dreams) have yet to occur. They are scary. The world is changing - everything we had come to know appears to be changing. There is martial law. People are being rounded up and taken away in military vehicles... There is violence in the streets... And the urgency to meet up with my family and head for the hills is the primary sense I get and I wake up in a panic.

I am not sure if these events will actually occur, or in what context. I recognize them to be the precognitive dreams by their nature and the fact that they play in one form or another repetitively a couple of times a year. I am concerned because my kids are approaching the ages that they appear to be in the dreams and it gives me the eerie feeling that there is something scary life changing on the horizon.

What do you think it means? I would like to get someone else's take on the whole thing... Someone who will not look at me like I'm a nutcase.

Feedback is welcome, please!
Joanne (guest)
14 years ago (2007-11-01)
These stories are very interesting, but mine might get you a bit shocked and confused I'll try and explain them first. When I have a dream I don't see the people that it's going to happen to etc I see people I know there wierd I no but I still see what happens but through their eyes. The first dream I had was about me finding out my dad died and I kept on saying sorry to people, I woke up crying but one month later my grandad died (my dads dad) and my dad kept saying sorry to me. Earlier this year I dreamt of me getting raped my uncle I felt confused and I felt everything like it was happening in real life but a month later from my dream I read in the news that a 2 year old girl got raped by her uncle and was killed even though I didn't see her get killed my heart pounded and I cried for days on end. I've had many dreams like these but also different ones too. They've been going on since I was 13 (2003) when I had my first one with my grandad dying. It hurts to know I couldn't and can't do anything about them to help people, but I'm keeping hopeful for the future if they change.
Carlie (guest)
14 years ago (2007-11-01)
I've been having psychic experiences since I was 11, as well as seeing ghosts. I see several sprits a day as well as have dreams about what's going to happen, and although I get freaked out I really love seeing what I see. The only thing that worries me is that latley I can hear people saying things in my head before they say them out loud, it doesn't happen a lot, but when it does I feel really odd, not sure if I can read minds or if its just a quick thing that's never going to happen again.
Brandon (guest)
14 years ago (2007-10-27)
I live In PA... I had this dream about 4 years back. It started by me standing in my fathers house holding a hunting rifle (I hunt) there were a few people standing around all scared and talking... I couldn't see their faces, my dad told me and another guy to go outside with him with our guns. We walked outside and I remember this breathtaking cold that took over me and My hands were instantly numb, Everything was covered in Ice, the trees were so low all we could see was feet walking by the road I couldn't load my gun in time and we were attacked by the group of people walking. Me and my dad ran back inside the house as the other man was overrun by the group. The dream ends with me closing the door.

The weird thing is that I moved up to my dads house which is far away from where I lived with my mom. I recongnize all the people in my dream, they are all people who live around me and I became friends with... I am afraid that my dream may come true. Just look up the WWIII prediction by Nostradamus

You prob think I am crazy lol but it is hard to explain I guess.
Liz (guest)
14 years ago (2007-10-14)
Hey, I have absolutely no idea about this but I find it extremely fascinating. I've always wanted to believe in these things, but the idea of ghosts completely freaks me out! Lol I'm 17 and I've really only had two dreams that I think were showing me the future. A couple of years ago, I dreamed that my boyfriend gave me this book that I've been looking for for a long time, and then about a week later, he did. It was really freaky... And then... About a week ago from today or so, I had this strange thing happen. I woke up suddenly and thought there was something wrong with my cat. I was scared and almost ran down to check on her but when I thought about it again I realized I must have just been dreaming and went back to sleep. She died yesterday from an enlarged heart that she didn't even have until the day before... I'm not sure if I have any kind of gift, but I thought I'd mention that my mother does. She tells me that she's done astral-traveling and can communicate with spirits (living and dead) and sometimes she knows things without knowing why, and she believes in reincarnation.
Well, I'm not sure if I should believe her or not because it just sounds so crazy, but somehow something about her explanations ring true. It's all very intriguing...
Brian (guest)
14 years ago (2007-10-13)
You're not alone here kid. I've had these dreams when I was your age. I'd dream of my mother ironing my dad's shirt, she'd say something to me, and I'd wake up and the whole thing would happen just as I dreamt it. Too bad it never worked for test answers!

I guess I sort of graduated - now that I'm in my 30s - my dreams turn into something else. For example, I had 3 nights of pregnancy-related or life-changing dreams in a row before I found out my wife was pregnant. Or when my wife's grandmother (who lived below us) passed away - I had 2 nights of dreams. One was her hand pointing at a drawer (found out that's where her important paperwork was) and another of the grandmother standing over our baby and rocking her in a swing. Oddly enough, my daughter and the grandmother share a birthday.
Also - since my wife's grandmother passed, I feel pressure and coldness when I'm near her old bedroom or downstairs - almost like I'm being watched. In fact, a picture fell once when I was down there and lights go on sometimes.

It's something I suppose. Don't know what to call it, but it's something. I've been a skeptic my entire life, but it's hard not to believe when you've experienced it yourself. My mother calls it a gift - I call it being 33 years old and too freaked out to go downstairs at night! Lol
Matt (guest)
14 years ago (2007-09-24)
I have never had an actual dream predicting the future but I have a sort of deja-vu pretty much every day. Any main event in a day always seems like its the second time its happened for me, its kind of getting annoying because (lets say somthing really exciting happend) and instead of being freaked out of what had just happened ill be standing there thinkin in my head " Wait a second... Didn't this already happen? Did I dream it... Why does this event seem so familular?"
I have a feeling I'm going to get the phychic dreams soon though because I have heard my sister talking to my dad about a couple shes had before.(shes 2 years younger than me, I'm 16) My my dad has told me stories about when he was a kid how he was so scared because he thought he was controlling the future with his own dreams because he would get those dreams almost every single night. He said he would get mad at someone and would think to himself he wished they were dead then imediatly try to take it back and almost start crying because he was scared he would dream about them dieng and it would happen the next day.
destiny (guest)
14 years ago (2007-09-18)
i know how you feel except when it happens to me it can happen anywhere from the next day to 5 years. It is like you have seen the person or been at the place before when you haven't been there or seen that person. I like it though cause I know what to look for.
katie (guest)
14 years ago (2007-09-05)
ye it happens to me like all the time so what even dream about danger or bad things and they are true it happens in real life I have this voice or someone telling me my future ye I saw a ghost 2 weeks ago I seen more than 1. There's no one I can talk to I might just as well write about myself maybe write a book about myself or have my own website for people who are like me who go through unusual things there was going to be a programme about a man who could see his future dreams on channel 4 or 5 I'm sure it said it was going to be on last night at 9 but it never came on
Nickolas -london- (guest)
14 years ago (2007-09-04)
Hi, I'm 16, and I havn't seen a girl for 6 year's and I had a Dream, and I saw her and a address it bugged me so much that I went there, and she lived there, I don't know what to do, and like I want to speak to someone who truly understand's me, Add me on MSN Should_be_lost [at], please I need someone to understand me, and I've had these dream's since about 14 and only now I can remember them
Southern Boy (guest)
14 years ago (2007-08-16)
I have had dreams that come true since I was about 13. At age 11, I was pronounced dead and my spirit left my body and I passed over and met my grandmother who had passed away several years prior to this. I was sent back--I had no choice in the matter. Soon thereafter the premonitions and visions started and then the dreams and now I am able to put myself into what is equivalent to stage ONE of sleep and connect with answers to varous problems and I will not go further than that.

This gift and I have not always felt that it was a gift, rarely is about any good event. It seems my brain has tuned into the darker side like death and disaster. Depression has resulted and I am on antidepressants and my doctors do not want me experimenting. They will not put me in direct contact with people like myself for fear that I will be taken advantage of and make matters worse. They will not allow me to go to police and other law enforcement because I might be considered the culprit.

My shrink says the stork dropped in the wrong place. He said that somewhere there is a Indian village that is missing its shaman and some guy in the village wandering around wondering "What am I doing here!"

I have had hundreds of dreams that have come true and an equal number of visions. The bright side is that I was able to save a young boys life as a result of one dream. These positive events are few and far between, however
Jason (guest)
14 years ago (2007-08-06)
I have not had many dreams that I have seen come true, althought certain dreams have contained things that have been around significant occorunces? Guess that sounds a little confusing. I have had dreams that relate to a person, if something bad, or wonderful were to happen to that person in the near future, then the dream would be about them, and portray a similiar feeling, or mood, such as sadness, or pain, but not acually a dream about that situation. I have not been able to understand dreams the way I would like to though. I have messed around with lucid dreaming, and I read that if you write down all the details of your dreams that you can remember right when you wake up, and read it again, right before you go to bed, that you will continue to have the same dream, and it will become clearer and clearer. I tried this for a week or so, and it does work, but I was on deployment, and I did not have the right frame of mind, and low stress level it takes for these things to work the way they should. I was very stressed, and very tired. Although my dreams were very clear and alomst one hundred percent controlable, I still found that they started out in a normal uncontrolalabe way, and I think I was creating my own dream, instead of gaining a clearer picture of something spontanious, and beyond just imagination. I have been more fortunate in other areas, such as seeing, and hearing people when I first meet them, and knowing them already, and being able to feel how they are feeling. Not pain, or sickness, but emotionally, and I get the same worry they may have, and I am able to tell them what it is that is on their mind. The really rewarding experiences come when some people can't understand where their sadness or other emotions are coming from, and I am able to explain things to them, again, without even knowing them. I know it sounds a little phonmy I guess, but this is not with everyone. I would say a good number of people I meet though. This is something that I have always paid attention to, as far as deja vu, but what got me really interested, was the fact that being able to feel a person did not occur until after august 2003, when I was called back to active duty for deployment, and I suffered a sever brain trauma due to a fractured skull. Since then, I have suffered from siezures, and it is in the days after these siezures where I get a sense of being "refuled" or more aware of things around me.
Tessa-13 (guest)
14 years ago (2007-08-05)
i have these same things but mine don't come as dreams and if they do I can barely remember them but mine come as feelings very strong feelings
xena (guest)
14 years ago (2007-07-04)
youre definitely not alone... It takes my dreams about 2 weeks to come true too. I always foresee the bad coming... I have had dreams of everything ...i have other gifts and in time you will discover this is not all you can do... And your ability may grow like mine... Enjoy the gift I do !
Daisy (guest)
14 years ago (2007-06-09)
This happens to me all the time too. Like yesterday, I dreamt the picture on the cover of the Style section of the newspaper before it came out. I usually only predict pointless things like the time I dreamt my tennis teacher's car broke down and it really did the next day. I want to know if anyone has been able to control their premonitions and increase their abilities?
Kangaroo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-05-31)
I have these dreams as well - they are infrequent but the more I have, the longer they seem to become... Like I had one today that lasted for at least forty seconds minumum, probably more, whereas before they would be short, ten-second scenes.
Athena (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-03-30)
Dear klaudia, I have that as well too. Just go with it, write it down to recall it and follow your gut instinct.
klaudia (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-30)
also I dreamed about a book. The title was "THE NEW BOOK"... I dreamed it was from my favorite author... I woke up in the morning and tried to find out on the net if he has a new book entitled NEW BOOK ...but when typing in "THE NEW BOOK"+ NICHOLAS SPARKS, I went on his website and realised he published a new book (but another title) 2 days ago... I couldn't believe it... I so didn't know... So actually I realised that maybe its a msg for me... So I bought the book... And going to read it soon !... We'll see
klaudia (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-30)
Hey I do actually have something like that as wel... But sometimes it just freaks me out a lot. Since I am little, I knew I had a power related to my dreams. I could always control my dreams. I always knew I was dreaming. Once someone even told me that he wants to kill me and cut off my head and I answered back saying "Do it... Ts just a dream so... Who cares?... Its a dream, I'm not scared of you" and then I woke up... Now it doesnt happen anymore. However, I'm this kind of person that remembers every single dream I do... I'm plannig on tryin some astral projection soon. I am reading lots and will try for sure... Anyways I had this dream few months ago that I was driving and had a car accident and then in real life it happened (maybe 2 weeks after)... Recently again I dreamed a car accident on the serivce road on the highway... I woke up and had to go to school... This morning I didn't listen to loud music... I did look everywhere... I drove slower and all... Suddenlty this car breaks in front of me so I do brake as well. Everything is fine until I see this car comin on me from the back... Not breakin... I turn right, and I make myself another spot on the service road (on the curve) and I see the car stopping where I was... I freaked out... If I wouldn't be careful and wouldn't move away, he would bump into me...
wolfbabe (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-28)
i dream of the future I predicted how I almost died :0 and my friends break up, too me it is not scary I love being able to be prepared with what will happen.
psychic13 (3 stories) (29 posts)
15 years ago (2007-03-28)
yeah I have the same thing. A lot of the time I dream about stuff and it comes true. It is only about little stuff like it will rain tomorrow or what I will do in school. That is cool that somebody else has the same experiences.
Athena (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-03-26)
Dear Des, You may find it extremely helpful to write down your premonitions as they happen. Even better, you may want to record them. You may want to post them here and then see what happens. These are messages from the other side. Each possibility of life will take place as it is meant to. If you have a message to deliver to others, deliver it, and it is up to them to do with it what they wish. The only person and life that you are responsible for is yours. Just as you are free to choose, so are others. Don't blame yourself for another's passing, it is what will occur with or without your psychic message or intervention. Always deliver your message as you get it, and don't try to change it. Until you understand your own symbols you may want to improve your interpretation. It is a process and practice helps. The reason the interpretation is different is because the person sending it from the other side has to go through a very dense, thick energy field to reach us. They also have to contend with differences in belief symptoms. When I see a cow and you see a cow in your vision, our interpretation may be different depending on our life experiences. Just keep practicing for yourself. Know that your gift is not to convince others, but to be but the messenger.

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