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After reading about the seven major chakras, you may feel you have a blocked chakra, one needing energizing, or a chakra that may be too open.

Because chakras are energy vortexes (also referred to as petals, or "wheels"), they can be voluntarily opened (like a flower opening up), which causes an increase in speed or frequency; or they can be slowed down so that our energies will not be drained, resulting in the excessive expression related to the chakra.

I listed colors, crystals, and musical notes because each chakra resonates at a frequency that will bring it into balance (not too open, not too closed, and helps clear blocking or disfigurement). Some people may be more visual than auditory and prefer visualizing the associated color versus using a musical note (via a tuning bowl, for example) to work on their chakras.


If you are going to use visualization for your chakra work, get yourself into a comfortable position and contemplate the chakra you are going to work on. Bring yourself to a meditative state of mind, and then mentally move your focus to the chakra and visualize the color associated with it. See the energy vortexes spinning and opening and feel the health of the chakra. The colors are always to be visualized as translucent and vibrant.

If you are working all chakras in one session, start at the base, or root chakra, and visualize a vortex of spinning red light moving in clockwise fashion (clockwise as defined by looking at the chakra from the outside of your body). As you watch it spinning, breathe in and out the red color. As you move up the body, visualize the corresponding color associated with each chakra. Remember that all but the root and crown chakras have a front and back side.

When I do my visualization work, I can actually feel the chakra's energy. Ịf I am activating all of my chakras, I can feel the "Kundalini fire" rise from the base of my spine and move up my body. Often, this throws me out of the altered state because it is literally like being on fire.


Crystals can be found at most metaphysical stores, New Age bookshops, and local Sunday markets. These are a great tool for clearing, charging, healing, and developing the chakras.

Following my painful minor chakra work on my right ovary, I used a clear quartz crystal (which can be used on any chakra) to help release some of the blockage there. You can either lay the crystal directly on the chakra or hold it right over the chakra for at least three minutes (but not longer than five) and meditate on the help you wish the crystal to provide for you.

I once used an amethyst on my third eye chakra and had some of the best remote-viewing sessions following its use. I also had sudden and intense visions of amethysts in my third eye, except they were a flawless version of the crystal.


A good tool for this is a music bowl. Like crystals, these can be found at metaphysical stores and New Age bookshops. These bowls generally come with instructions on how to generate the required note. As with color visualization, start with the root chakra and work your way up.


I like this because it is nice to give and receive and serves to stimulate the vital systems, which promotes healing. We have 21 minor chakras, so a full body massage (including feet and palms, where a total of four minor chakras are located) should cover all chakras. Particular emphasis should be placed on the feet because every organ in the body has a corresponding energy point there.

When you are giving someone else a massage, know that your hands are energy transmitters. Visualize energy (which will be occurring on a level you cannot see) going into the body to help open up, energize, and heal the chakras. If you want to work on the etheric level, hold your hands over the chakras and visualize energy being transmitted into them. You can also touch the body lightly (versus a more strengthening massage) to stimulate the chakra.

Exercise and Nutrition

Exercise and good nutrition naturally energize our body on every level (both our chakras and our aura). The opposite is true if we abuse our body through drugs, alcohol, or poor nutrition.

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