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Help, I Think My Child Is Psychic

First, there is psychic ability in all of us; it's just dormant in most because it was never developed. What happens to what we don't use? It atrophies. This is just science.

Children's chakras are very open, which means that they can see, hear and experience what we adults have long since shut out (unless we were fortunate enough to have open minded parents who nurtured this ability but this is very rare, especially in the western culture). They slowly close as they age but it doesn’t have to be to the stark degree that complete abandonment, or worse yet, ridicule, would have on their abilities.

If a parent is open minded to what the child has in terms of ability, and are willing to help them, a fun game you can play and one which will have a far reaching impact on their abilities has to do with a term called Remote Viewing. This is a fun game that exercises the third eye and can be played with both adult and child involved. To do this, take a pleasant picture (a picture of Disneyland, a specific shot of an animal in a zoo, a picture of something they love like horses, etc.) and hold it in your hand (don't show your child at this point). Ask them to clear their mind and try and describe what they "see". Technically, there are a lot of protocols with remote viewing but tell them to first start with JUST colors. A person should stay low level to the target so they don't start guessing. Then, have them describe more of the target, like if it's outdoors, bright, dark, energetic, if humans or animals are present, etc. When they get a piece right, confirm with a verbal, “check” so that they know what they are seeing is accurate. This check confirmation isn’t done with advanced remote viewers but is very beneficial for beginners who need to build confidence.

My child is psychic If a child learns to trust his or her visions and not guess, they could develop this into a powerful skill that they can forever use. It is also very helpful in opening up the third eye chakra. Images to use for this game are easily available by going to Google, typing in a topic, then selecting the "images" tab. Just print an image out and use that. It’s easy and cheap.

As for you as a parent, you can't expect a child to understand a lot of this but that doesn't exempt you. You can better assist a child in what you yourself need to more fully understand. Start doing research on chakras and auras. As always, I recommend Barbara Brennan's book, "Hands of Light" which gives the most scientific and thorough overview of how these bodies work. Though the book is about healing, the background on the primary facts is excellent.

Here is a brief overview of the chakras and mentions some of the details given by Barbara.

It is important that a parent not criticize a child for what they themselves cannot see. To see or hear what we can’t ourselves doesn’t mean the child is lying. I have receive a lot of painful posts from teenagers that had their parents brutally shut them down, medicate and insulted them, and were overall made to feel ostracized for what they just had naturally available to them. Once the damage is done, it’s is very difficult to repair. They will also have a much harder time opening back up their psychic talent if they have a negative association with it. It’s better to let them unfold naturally with loving guidance and understanding as their companion.

Talk to your child. Let them know they are normal and that this is a wonderful gift, not a curse. Be there for them if they see something frightening or are confused as to why they can see something you or their friends can’t.

As they mature, then they too can start the learning process. In the interim, it’s you, the parent(s), which are responsible for their healthy exploration into a very natural and normal human condition.


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