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Remote Viewing with a Picture

Description of the psychic test

Remote viewing differentiates itself from other psychic abilities in that it follows a set of protocols. Remote viewing was originally termed by parties associated with labs and universities and they wanted a controlled environment using strict protocols and procedures. They wanted to take this ability from back alley psychic shops to procedural processes in controlled conditions. One example is that remote viewing uses a blind "target" or items to psychically view (learn more about remote viewing terms).

The following test is based on those protocols. The target is blind (or 'unknown'), and associated with a random number.

Instructions for the psychic test

1. Clear your mind. Sit down at a desk in a quiet room and remove any items from the desk that would capture your interest. The plainer the better.

2. Relax. Take out several minutes to breathe deep and quiet the mind.

3. Look at the coordinate number below. DON'T GUESS what they are, because you will be wrong! Instead, let the images come to you. What do you feel? What colors and textures come into your mind? The trick is to stay "low level". Low level means to not try and guess what the target is, but try and get minimal data (colors, textures, etc.)

4. Start writing or verbalizing details after the Notes title in the session notes text box. As the picture slowly unfolds, start writing details. What are its attributes? An arc, a curve, a motion of energy, red, green, brown, soft, hard, mushy? Write down everything that you see, feel, hear or smell.

5. Get a bigger picture. As you get more information, you should be able to detect if it's man made, natural, human and so forth. Start to feel for the bigger picture.

A real session can take up to an hour, but if you are just having fun, I think you should be able to do this in 20 minutes or so. The more time you take with the above steps, the better your result. When you are done with all of this, click on the coordinates button (the one with a number), a window will pop-up with the target picture and see where you were close, where you let guesses play a part. Write down what it was after the Target title in the session notes text box. To try again, click on the button NEW SESSION. A new picture with new coordinates will be generated. Your session notes will be saved in the session notes text box and new titles will appear for your new session notes.

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