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Remote Viewing Terms

Analytic Overlay
Guessing what the target is. Jumping to a premature conclusion. Taking a fragment of target contact and blindly guessing what it is. An example would be someone who guesses "tree" when they really saw "broccoli". AOL are usually wrong, but have a similarities to the real target that leads the viewer into assumptions.
Associative Remote Viewing (ARV)
This is where symbols and pictures are used to represent numbers. Used for lottery type situations as the subconscious mind responds better to pictures then it does numbers. Performed in the alpha state of awareness.
When you have transferred your consciousness totally to the target. It's as real as what you are experiencing now.
Not knowing what your target is in advance of the viewing.
Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)
Remote viewing that is done under a highly controlled situation which entails monitors, coordinates, blind to double blind circumstances. Performed in the alpha state of awareness.
These used to be actual map coordinates of a physical place, but now it is primarily a randomly generated number.
Double Blind
Both the monitor and viewer have no previous knowledge of the session.
Extended Remote Viewing (ERV)
This is the type of remote viewing I do. It is done while you are in theta awareness.
Front Loading
Knowing in advance what your target is.
Major impact components from a target. A target's major qualities.
Initial impression from target. Often a spontaneous squiggly that comes from the major points of the target. There are also ideograms that represent major topics such as water, mountain, person, and energy.
Person who monitors the viewer during the session, asks questions, logs feedback.
The remote viewing process of a target, from start to finish.
A target is the person, place, thing or event that is being view. It can be in any time frame.
Target Contact
You are getting results about the target.
The person doing the remote viewing.
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