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How Can I Develop my Psychic Abilities?

Psychic AbilitiesNo matter how you slice and dice it, to develop your psychic abilities means "tuning into things more subtle". In a world where so much of what we are about is external, this is a highly internal process which goes against mainstream existence, especially in Western cultures, and to develop this requires a great deal of discipline. Unless you are naturally gifted, there is nothing loud, clear and obvious about this process. It comes, especially at first, as a whisper, a fleeting image, a feeling or hunch or some such subtle perception.

Here are the top things you can do to increase your subtle senses, or psychic ability.

1. Focus on which area you'd like to be good at. Do you want to be a remote viewer? Work with objects, people, animals or tools like cards? Go with what attracts you.

2. Meditate. This does several things. One, it quiets the mind so you can hear incoming messages. There is no worse static than a busy chatting mind! Ịt's much harder to hear or see things in your mind's eye when you've got your own program running. Turn it off for now. Second, meditation actually changes your energy which makes you more receptive to the very thing that makes a person psychic.

3. Develop personal attributes of a higher nature. To become more sensitive means that you have to change your own frequencies. Being negative and unhappy won't make you a receptive person. If you observe the top psychics, they are generally soft-spoken loving people. You won't find really negative people with this ability and if you do, it's very much the fluke, not the norm (more like something out of a Stephen King novel). So think positive thoughts!

4. Depending on how esoteric you wish to be, learn how to develop your chakras. This is a very in-depth area which is why I've provided a separate page as there is a great deal of information on this subject should you wish to develop this area of your life.

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