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Guess the Word Quizz

Description of the psychic test

The following psychic test is not based on any scientific or academic research but it can help determine if you have some talents towards remote viewing (or simply guessing) a word rather than a picture, as some people may have greater litteral talent than visual. We added it mostly for fun. We use a dictionary of over 2000 most commonly used words in the english language, so don't bother trying rare technical terms. Like in quizz shows or puzzles, the word is displayed as a series of * that represent its length.

Instructions for the psychic test

The auto generated word is hidden behind a series of * representing its length. Focus on the hidden word and see what comes to mind first (no need to spend an inordinate amount of time on it, your first impression would probably be the best to measure your psychic abilities). If you need a little help, you can click on the "CHEAT" button and it will reveal one of the letters, however, don't overuse it or the test would be worthless. After you have decided on a word, insert it in the text box and click "CHECK". If you feel the current word is too long or too short, you can always generate a new one by clicking on the "NEW WORD" button.

You can do it as many times as you'd like, a new word is generated after you click on the "CHECK" button and the session box at the bottom will log your track record.

Session Notes

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