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I almost always feel like someone or something is with me, especially when I'm alone.

I feel like another person or thing is with me in little things, like a 'breath' of air on my skin, weights on my shoulders, prickles (like a bug is crawling up my leg or somewhere else), and the like. I am almost positive I'm a psychic so I'm not dismissing these things as things like the air conditioning on my skin, giving me the feeling something is breathing on me or the room temperature making me shiver, giving me prickles.

I'm confused as to what these things are, and why they are doing these things to me. I have not really lost anyone close to me. I don't think it is a spirit residing in my house, as this happens almost wherever I am. And these feelings are not the most fun thing to have, nor are they the worst. I am mostly just confused and curious. I am having one of these experiences now, with the examples I stated earlier. These things also give me random aches and pains; right now in the middle of my back it is hurting.

I am not exactly afraid of these experiences either, because they are so small. I am a little creeped out by it and a tiny bit scared because I am ignorant. These experiences have never pained me in the extreme, so if they are spirits, I think they are just good spirits giving me a little push, a little shove, a little nudge to guide me along. These things sometimes are 'triggered', so to speak. When I hear something that is really beautiful or sad, or just strikes a chord within me I have those prickles almost everywhere and I almost shiver. Whenever I take medicine immediately after I am given in I always shake my head side to side, like "No." Always. I cannot remember I time when I haven't done that.

So can someone help me figure this out?

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abaycees (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-27)
I've been getting the same feeling lately as well. Not that something is with me but that something is attached or detaching from me (sort of like weights.) I can definitely identify with the random aches and pains. It's pretty constant right now and pretty weird. I feel what I can only explain as a current flowing through me, sometimes into me, something out of me. The closest thing I have found on the internet that I am identifying with is Kundalini Awakening. Not sure if this helps, as I am pretty much clueless to what or why or who is happening. Hope this helps, even if so only to know you're not the only one out there. I know I am really happy I found your post. Much love ❤

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