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At 12:05


Everyone usually sleeps at 10 well my family does I have been sleeping late suddenly like at 12 or 2 it depends but I don't think it's normal because I try to go to sleep early but someone wakes me up. I hear voices sometimes saying "Don't go", "Come with me", "I'll be here with you Forever and ever" and sometimes they usually say me name most of the time they do.

So one night I decided to take Nyquil a sleeping medicine to help get some rest for the test the next day so I took around 9 and feel in a deep sleep around 10 my eyes shut and I went to sleep around 12:05 I woke up because I heard a cat. I don't have cats in my house only dogs. So I was scared everyone was sleeping. I was going to get up to wake up my brother so he can stay up but something or someone hold me back and said STOP I was so scared I had to say something back I said "Why, why don't YOU let me go where are you and why are you here"? It didn't answer so I decided to start walking but at the corner of my eye I saw a black person shadow looking at me but when I looked back it was gone.

I thought to myself I need to get out of the room but again it didn't let me I of course didn't listen I walked. But when I took one more step I felt trapped I couldn't move or scream I could only see a shadow. I blinked and said this is just a dream but no this was nothing like a dream I blinked and saw the cat it looked at me and I blinked again and it was gone but my dogs didn't bark I was surprised they bark at everything. I screamed and screamed but nothing came out.

So I said " Why are you doing this to me what did I do stop it because I didn't do nothing just leave please"! It left everything went back to normal I was back in my bed with my blanket on. Then I heard "You escaped but I will be back my friend and go to sleep don't go. I heard voice laughing after that little kids then crying. I don't know what to do anymore please help me!

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cl32 (1 stories) (14 posts)
7 years ago (2014-05-03)
I would say that the first lesson there is don't take 9 nyquill, if there was anything in your house cat or otherwise your dogs would know about it, I used to see orbs and allsorts, used to scare me, until I realised it was in my minds eye, cats generaly mean timing and balance to me, iv also heard evil laughing, kids crying etc, genrally it's annoying and I'm still not quite sure what's going on sometimes but I learn from it I know that. And that being scared makes it worse, thinking positive or laughing before going to bed or just plain old piss off usualy works for me plus I'd be thanking god that I had my brothers in the house and dogs and wasn't waking up to an actual man in my house#humbled
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
7 years ago (2014-04-24)
Read the bible and say in gods name o banish you or sage and ask a father to bless the house try shielding it wants to hurt you or sleep with some one I suggest get a cross

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