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I been in this relationship for 6 years now. And just recently I been accused of cheating. I've been trying to figure out what's going on. Now my girlfriend is older and has a spinal injury. So eventually she will get worse. But this is the problem, he keeps telling me that she hears me and a guy having a convo. Hes telling her that me and him been together for 8 years and that I'm now having his baby. She says that he is talking where she can hear everything he says. Like he keeps saying "tell her tell her". She says that he's saying my name and saying that I need to tell her about me and him. Now I don't know this guy nor voice because I don't hear what she hears. We've stay at our apartment for 5 years and we just moved out cause she think the man across the hall is the voice she hears. I never had convo with these people but she has. I haven't cause I'm always working. But we separated because of this voice. When we not on the phone she text me saying what this voice is saying. When we on the phone we can be talking and in the middle of the convo she comes out the blue saying "no f you b" i'm like what you talking about she says he saying f you her to me i'm like i'm not on the phone with nobody but you and i'm not talking to anybody else but you. She says that he's now saying that he's going to kill her and he knows where she is and that he coming to beat her butt. Now I don't hear all this that he saying so she calls me a liar saying that everybody hears this voice but me. I cut my phone off and take the battery out my phone and sits next to her as I would normally and 5 to 10 minute later she looks at me saying "are you f'in kidding me" i'm like "what's wrong" she says "so you f'in love him, you just told him you loved him" i'm sitting there looking at her and I says I didn't say anything. We moved to her sister house and she could be outside and I could be in the house watching TV with my nieces and she will come to me and whisper in my ear I f'in hear y'all talking bout y'all getting married and that y'all having a baby" i'm like how is that possible cause i'm sitting here and everybody can tell you that I'm not on the phone with nobody. She still calls me a liar. Now that I moved to my mama house she tells me that its been incidents where everybody hear this voice saying tell her tell her over the house though speakers TVs and computers. She says that its though Wi-Fi but I told her Wi-Fi don't work this far apart. She was in the car with her sister she gets out the car and calls me and ask me to stop talking to him cause everybody hears y'all convo. I'm like I'm not even on the phone with nobody. She says this is happening 24/7 in a day with or without me on the phone. So I cut our phones off though the company and she has 2 minute phones and I called her off the house phone and she still hears this voice in both phones. She says everybody hear me and this man have phone sex between 3am to 6am everyday. I'm like this can't be happening. She really thinking about breaking up from all this. Its a lot more but this is the problem. What should I do. This is destroying my life and chances to have a family with her. She don't want to go to the hospital cause she says her brain is fine its me doing this. HElp!

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AniokNitya (guest)
10 years ago (2014-07-30)
There is help, What you are dealing with is torment. Your girlfriend may be dealing with a very evil force. I have seen this before, They were there all the time they were watching and waiting. As Guardians we belief that demonic and negative energy can cause deterioration to the human brain. We have studied and recorded many incidents some are curable and some are not. A lot of negative beings feed on bad energy and fear. This is not just her battle it is also yours. First of all the main thing is to get to the bottom of it with her and others if you have to. Get something you can physically show her like maybe a video or someone to vouch for you. Her mind is not processing logically anymore and if you could get her to realize something is wrong with what she perceives she will at least want it to stop. When it comes to situations like this acknowledgement is half the battle from there either she goes with meds which just dulls her or get someone to cast those spirits out. You need to work quick because those voices will soon start to change and become others even those of children which then will be very dangerous.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-07-29)
If this person is hearing these type of disturbing voices (coming over to beat her?) then you need to distance yourself as soon as you are able. There are no more clear definitions of paranoid schizophrenia than this. This behavior will not change after you get married (that is the classic mistake of people, thinking their partner will change once they are married and ever time it only worsens). You really want a family with someone who hears voices 24/7 (as you put it)? You want to be married to a person who is grounded, respects what you say (how many times has she called you a liar in a week)? I know how difficult it is when you are in love with someone but the right person elevates you. The wrong person drags you down. No one can tell you what to do as this is your life but do you feel good or bad? There are so many mentally healthy people out there that you don't have to settle. The choice is yours but do take care of yourself. Your energy is like currency so how we spend it is entirely up to us.

Take care and good luck.

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