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Me And A Balloon


First off; thank you to everyone who posted to me on my last story! You were all helpful in some way, shape, or form.

The other day (a.k.a. Yesterday to be more exact) I found a small white balloon I had from a year ago. It was obviously deformed since it's basically a year old. Anyway, When I found the balloon it had stress marks and was deflated; deflated enough for me to squish in its top with barely any force. One of my elements is air so I decided to see if I could influence the air in the balloon to expand and inflated the balloon back to its normal shape. I cupped the balloon gently with my hands. I closed my eyes as I focused my energy at the balloon I held in my hands. Soon I felt energy in side of the balloon surge, moving around the inside surface of it. I kept thinking for the balloon to expand and at first, I felt nothing so I opened my eyes. I stared at it failing to find some of the stress marks are saw earlier. I closed my eyes again, repeated the process I just stated, and then finally felt the balloon expand. I reopened my eyes only to smile at the noticeable improvement. I kept doing this process for several more times; each time with noticeable improvement. When I finished this experiments there was only two stress marks left; a nearly invisible one on the top and a bubbly one on the bottom near the "tail" of the balloon.

Smiling, I squish the top of it with barely any force and there was bulk. I squished it with more force which resulted in a similar outcome as it was deflated. I put the balloon down and looked out my window to see white clouds formed and heading over my house. I found this to be normal since every time I practice improving my abilities the sky forms clouds causing sometimes severe storms and there have been times when hurricanes/tornadoes have come into Massachusetts. The closest was hurricane arthur.

So here are my questions; has anyone else experienced this or similar and would care to share?

Does anyone know what this ability is even called? (I have looked up abilities but I rather have someone who has the ability or know of the ability to tell me: I have some doubts on wikipedia but that is probably just me)

Does anyone have an idea on why the weather seems to be influenced in a way when I practice ANY of my abilities?

Much appreciation and thanks in advance!:)

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