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Tiny Light Particles And Hearing Static


I'm 34yrs old and have been seeing these tiny light sparkles/particles and hearing a light static sound since I was a small child. I would only see them at night with the lights off and before bed. It would terrify me because they would move around and try to form shapes. I would close my eyes tight because I didn't want to see anything scary. The static sound would slowly go away when I started to fall asleep. As time passed I just figured everyone experienced this until recently.

To describe it better when I stare into the dark it feels like I'm looking into another dimension/space and these tiny sparkles that look like white particles start shooting around then start moving around like they're trying to form shapes. During this I can hear a light static sound much like a radio but in the background.

Something else to add I have recently just started seeing orbs for the first time, dancing and shooting off around my children and I but during the day only. I can only see them when filming. I posted one of my videos on you tube because it was so amazing. I'm no stranger to sensing energy either and I've always trusted my intuition which feels very strong. I have always been able to feel spiritual energy since I can remember and have had many many experiences with "unexplained happenings" and spirits. I don't know if it's all connected or separate.

I guess I'm just looking for answers to my experiences and if I'm capable of expanding them into something great. Thanks for any advice or info. Peace and Love ♡♡♡

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akaler (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-04)
I forgot to add that one time a few years ago I was living in a house with lots of spiritual energy. One night as I was getting settled in bed the static sound started and I began to hear a man and a woman having a conversation. I couldn't make out the words but I could hear them laughing. It sounded like a radio in between stations. I immediately asked my husband if he could hear it. He said no and thought I was nuts lol. It would last for about 20 minute EVERY NIGHT for a MONTH when I went to bed! I would sit there trying to catch words but unsuccessful. Early in the mornings I would wake up to a woman's voice that sounded exactly like my mother's calling my name but faint like from a distance (she is still alive). My husband never heard that either. We lived in an old farmhouse on 20 acres of orchards with no neighbors close by so I know it wasn't a neighbor leaving the radio on.

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